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The Internet Wood Coaster Poll Results Are IN!

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1 The Voyage - Holiday World

2 Balder - Liseberg

3 El Toro - SFGAd

4 Phoenix - Knoebel's

5 Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce

6 Tremors - Silverwood

7 tThunderhead - Dollywood

7 tHades - Mount Olympus

9 Aska - Nara Dreamland

10 Colossos - Heide Park

11 Raven - Holiday World

12 Avalanche - Timber Falls

13 Shivering Timbers - Michigan's Adventure

14 Rampage - Visionland

15 Ozark Wildcat - Celebration City

16 Kentucky Rumbler - Beech Bend

17 Timber Terror - Silverwood

18 Megafobia - Oakwood

19 Coaster - Playland

20 The Legend - Holiday World

21 Comet - Great Escape

22 Cornball Express - Indiana Beach

23 New Mexico Rattler - Cliff's

24 Tonnerre de Zeus - Parc Asterix

25 Grand National - Blackpool



According to Mitch Hawker:

The Voyage won all mutual rider comparisons with other wooden roller coasters and was also the

only one to win the comparison with 'Favorite Steel Coaster' en route to claiming the number one spot.


Two time winner Balder finished second, trailing The Voyage 15 to 9 in their comparison by voters

who have ridden them both. El Toro finished a very strong third (actually edging Balder in their mutual

rider comparison) providing the highest debut for the top two new coasters in the poll's 14 year history.


The Phoenix again defied its age by finishing a relative best ever 4th place. Boulder Dash rounds

out this year's top 5, making it seven years in a row in the top 5 the Connecticut terrain coaster.


Tremors finished a very close sixth, Thunderhead and Hades finished in a tie for seventh, Aska

remained highly rated in ninth, and Colossos finally cracked the top 10 after five years of near misses.


2006's two other new wooden roller coasters also did very well, Beech Bend's Kentucky Rumbler

debuted at #16 and PowerPark's Thunderbird finished at #38.



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But more importantly:

At the other end of the poll, California's Grizzly made it 12 straight years in dead last. Intrastate rival

Psyclone made a bid for last, but was preferred 37 to 26 by mutual riders over Grizzly.

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Wow, I have the number 15 woodie in the world just a quick four hours away and I have never ridden it! That makes my SDC & CC trip next year sound just that much cooler! Voyage won, no suprise there.

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I'm just happy that I've been on one of the top three (El Toro)!


I'm glad that the vote was a lot better than the Steel poll, where people were ousting Exped. For Superman by putting it as zero. It's nice to see that people are being more fair again!

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All 3 Intamin Woodies in the Top 10...I'll take that!


Now some of the other parks need to take them too!



Oh, and I'll still never understand the love for Boulderdash, I've ridden it at some of the "BEST EVENT EVER" events, and didn't think anything of it. Odd.

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Yes, very strange that Ozark Wildcat made #15. It's not bad at all, in fact it's one of my favorites, but it doesn't look as good as many others below it... eh, I haven't ridden enough of them to know.


Too bad ThunderBird at Powerpark didn't get a higher spot, it looked fantastic. Anyone here ridden it? It looks like it should be in the top 15 itself.

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GCI Woodies in order of best to worst:


Ozark Wildcat

Kentucky Rumbler



Roar East

Roar West


Lightning Racer



I thought Ozark Wildcat had a great second half. But the first half I thought was lacking.


I just didn't like it's curving drop.


But it's all personal taste.

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Damn! I thought Balder got the number one spot over The Voyage. Robb, you tricked me with that pic of Balder on the homepage next to the link to Mitch's poll results.

Hey, it's TPR's #1 regardless of what any poll says!



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