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Breaking News! Free-FELL

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^ That would leave Cedar Point's Demon Drop as the only one, at least in the Americas. Even so, Cedar Point did put Demon Drop up for sale last year, but there were no interested parties.


Hopefully these four units will eventualy be sold to other park operators and not sent to the scrapyard.

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^I've been on SFOGs this past summer but not Acrophobia . It is really sad to see this ride bieng torn down...after all of the SF 1st gens are gone how many will be left???



I got Acro this year, in May. That day, Freefall was down. The next time I went Acro was down and FF was up.

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^ Dave, you better hurry back for your credit on B:TR before the whole area gets knocked down. Only kidding about that, you have at least one more season


I'm going miss the drop part of the ride, the rest was just painful. I guess we have about 8 flats left in the park now worth riding.

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Sad sight! I really like these first Gen Free fall rides. They are a bit more exciting them many of the newer ones.


But after seeing them all up for sale I new SFI wouldn't have them much longer. I just hope a park bought it and it will be reconstructed near by.

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