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Cypress Gardens Photos and POV video of their woodie!!!


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At the end of November, we added some pics from one of the preview days at Cypress Gardens:



While we were in Orlando over the holidays, we got the chance to visit the park and get a few shots. Not enough to make a full-sized update out of, but plenty to share with all of you here!


PS. Thanks goes out to Justin for a some of these photos!


To add a little excitment to the gardens section of the park, gas lines have been added which cross the paths....


Ahh, so THIS is what the 'gardens' part of Cypress Gardens looks like.


We really need to STOP being such credit whores!!!


In case you get lost wandering through the gardens, just look for one of these signs!


This is what we called the "Ghetto Wild West Show." Yep, that's a quality show right there...fold-up chairs in the grass in front of the make-shift stage! =)


"Honk! Honk!" I guess....


Good thing it's still connected to the trailer so when this park fails, they can just roll it on down to Wild Adventures! =)


The Disk-O was probably the best ride in the park...


Yes, they even have one of these Vekoma torture machnies for the kiddies!


Elissa uses her "big hose" to put out the fire!!!


Is that a drop tower....or an adult toy?!?!?


So we decide to take one of those "Rides Short Cuts" back to the rides area.


...and VERY elaborate fountains!


As you can see the gardens have breath taking ponds....


"You BETTER be good boys and girls or I'm gonna get Medieval on your ass!!!"


Yup...here we are in the gardens...


Oh, no Chris! Watch your step!!!


And for those of you who want to see POV of their latest wooden coaster, here is a complete onride of "Triple Hurricane!" (Right Click on the filename and select "Save Target As....")

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No problems here either...


I remember CG, that was an interesting trip considering we only got about 1hour of fun... I remember when we rode Hurricane we went right to the back and you went right to the front and rode with a 3yr old in order to do a POV haha. Good times...


Great photo update BTW, I never thought about looking at our drop tower in THAT way! haha.


-Justin "The ride signs are improved now and the power lines are removed!"

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Video worked fine for me in Firefox (OSX).


OMG I will never say anything negative about the Grizzly at PGA again. I swear I know it is supposed to be a family ride but it is like the designers forgot that roller coasters can be banked so they can go at a speed faster that race walking... Also whats up with that station. It's like they didn't even care.


BTW Rob I know this is kinda a silly thing but your videos are always INCREDIBLY LOUD! At least on my mac through about every program. I actually had the volume basically to dead and it was still so loud that I had to turn down the speakers. I don't know if this is a problem specifically on the mac but it is really a shock when you play something and are suddently blasted out of your seat.

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I still have some mixed feelings with Cypress Gardens and the way they develope now. As my wife and I got married there in March 2002 (as one of the last couples before the shutdown I believe) there were no attractions of any thrill at all . We did our photoshoot in the flowergarden, the merry-go-round and on the mississipi-boat where we had our weddingcake and champagnetoast. Had we waited for a few more years, we would have got to ride the coasters in our wedding-outfits (only the lower ones as my wife has a small fear of heights). But I wonder how the park is now with all the attractions. We are planning on going back there next year march on our 4th anniversary so we'll see what is left of all the peace and quiet strolls around the park....

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The video worked fine for me and that coaster just looks like a laugh. No banking and it sounds like it has anti rollbacks around the entire track. The park looks good and I'm sure will get better as they start to get more money and they invest in bigger rides.


But that drop tower just looks wrong. And don't diss the disco. They rule. They are just very strange rides, yer the seating is totally messed up but the ride experiance i just something totally new. And you can't go wrong with a Vekoma Kiddie Coaster!

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Video worked fine for me in Firefox (OSX).

BTW Rob I know this is kinda a silly thing but your videos are always INCREDIBLY LOUD! At least on my mac through about every program. I actually had the volume basically to dead and it was still so loud that I had to turn down the speakers. I don't know if this is a problem specifically on the mac but it is really a shock when you play something and are suddently blasted out of your seat.



I have to say this is the first time I've ever heard about someone having that problem.


--Robb "Maybe you're sound system just kicks so much ass!" Alvey

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I'm also on OSX, and this video is very loud. Hmmmm... I don't ever remember this happening before. Since it's only on Mac's, I'd assume it's something with QT decoding the MPG? Just out of curiosity, has anyone on a Windows machine used Quicktime to play the video back, or has everyone been using Windows Media Player?

I've never heard of this before.


--Kirk "I'm perplexed :? " Fitzgerald

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I'm surprised you guys weren't bashing it on the ride... I mean seriously that ride looks about as exciting as some of the restrooms you guys hit in europe...


Honestly though I have always had problems with the videos. I don't really know why but they are just incredibly loud in quicktime and all the other programs I use. Maybe you could try a different codec or something sometime.

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^ The thing is, we knew the ride was a junior coaster, so it's exactly as we expected it to be...."nothing special" I chose it to do a video out of because no one else has had any footage of it, and it technically is the NEWEST wooden coaster out there!


As far as the volume thing goes, I still don't know what to say. Do you have the same problem with the Steeplechase/Wacky Soap Box Racers video I just posted?



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I had no problems downloading the video or with the sound, though I could tell it might be a little loud to some folks.


Every time I look at new pictures of the park and videos it makes me shudder. I hope that they are able to bring this park up to par more so in 2005. They are going to need to. Yeah some big fountains, ponds and paths. Kind of looks like it was Slapped together in a day. Not good.

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Actually, I live in Orlando and went to the park for the first time this weekend. They have already changed/fixed a lot of the stuff from these pictures (rides no longe on trailers, folding seats replaced by permanent benches, etc...).


The park is actually one of the best around here for youger kids. Universal has nothing really for kids and Disney is in need of a major overhaul.


Truth be told, Cypress Gardens does seem a little "low budget", but I think they had a tight deadline to open - now they will continue to "upgrade" things and add new rides (like the new coasters that are coming).

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I just went there last week to "experience" the new look of the place. I wish i came here first... 4 thumbs DOWN! Mine and my man's. We went there because the park was suppose to be so much more fun, better rides, everything more exhanced.. 37 or 38 rides.. whatever. It was like an old folks home. More than half parking is Handicap, the "TRam" was an F150 pulling a trailor.... of two carts of seats!


Yea no lie.


I looked at my man before we even got int here and honestly was like "are you sure this is a theme park???". The only good things about the park was the candle shop, that Disko CARINVAL RIDE, and The EXIT .


Infact we drew a lil map of our own on the map and gave it to his parents whom are going this weekend... (even though we have warned them over and over not too)... the quickest route to the exit after you get in. They will need that, an i think i shoudl be allowed to sell that map to anyone that dares to enter that place thinking they will have a good time.



This one ride, another carnival ride, "the Inverter".. it swings you from side to side and them upside down... but the safety bars come down and honestly MOLD you into the seat and then another bar comes from between your legs and just shoves a lil more for extra protection. I now think i might get Breast cancer.. and i know when we were upside down my man yelled out.."oooowwww".... his soldiers may never march now... can i sue? that crap hurt like ever! i like being upside down.. i dont like losing feeling in the areas of my body i actually WANT TO USE! understand


Anyway.. i wish i found this site before .. BEWARE CYPRESS GARDENS NOTHING BUT AN OLD FOLKS HOME.. and the gardens..not even pretty. Kinda sad.



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Seriously, ArachnaAngel is way off base. The park isn't built for thrill seekers -- its a family park... If you want thrill rides in the Southeast, go to Six Flags of Georgia or Busch Gardens.


As a family park -- its probably one of the best in Florida (only the Magic Kingdom matches it IMO). If you're a kid that's 12 or younger, its the ultimate park -- trust me. My younger cousins rant and rave about Cypress Gardens more than any Disney or Universal park down here in Florida.


They are working on better rides for adults. But right now, obviously their selection is limited. The concerts and live entertainment are great (so adults still have something to do -- a fair amount of '80-90s groups appear there: again "family friendly"). Senior Citizens will always flock to the gardens... So overall -- there is something for everyone.


Cypress Gardens is adding 2 more roller coasters this year. Both are big ones, too (not juniors like the existing coasters). First off, the Starliner -- probably the best wooden coaster in the Southeast is being relocated there (from the defunct Miracle Strip park).


A second steel coaster built by Vekoma is also being added. Not sure which model -- but my guess is it will be identical to either the Boomerang or the Hangman that already operate in the sister park, Wild Adventures.

A recent trip to the gift shop even reveals it -- you can already see the outline of the looping steel coaster on some of the Cypress Gardens T-shirts!


So, by early next year -- Cypress Gardens will have SIX roller coasters (even if a few of them are tame). Not bad for a one year renovation -- that's more than any Disney or Universal Park (considering that CG had ZERO a year ago)..... and that's what matters down here in Florida.


...and I didn't even mention the seven rides they are adding to the new water park that is being built for the summer.

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I'm going to Cyp for the first time next month. Is it about an hour from BGT?

I'm planning on doing both the same day then WA either the next day or the day after (depending on weather, I don't want to get rained out again, grrr).


If it all goes as planned Triple Hurricane will not only be my 400th coaster, but my 100th woodie as well.


I was saving myself for Hades but what can I say, Trips is cuter!


-Jeezy Weeze

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