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Intamin And B&M Lover

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I love both Intamin and B&M.


I prefer B&M over Intamin a smidge.


B&M has many coaster models that Intamin is not trying in their coaster line-up.


For example:


B&M have 11 different models of coasters that they have built over the years.


Intamin has 22 different models many different styles, but you also really don't see a lot of what I call AWESOME coasters like that here in the US. For example, I would love to see an Expedition GeForce over here. It isn't that high or fast, but from what I hear, it ranks top with the Intamins.


B&M to me are more reliable, and just the different elements and the force are good enough for me.


If Intamin built more coasters with some interesting inversions, I might say something a little more leaning towards intamin.


Right now my vote goes to B&M, for the better variety in the US.


My opinion, LOL!



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I like both...but I would take Intamin over B&M any day. Intamin coasters are so awesome. I'm not a huge fan of B&M, they're just ok, nothin special to me. I mean, if B&M would build something decent like they used to (Top gun & the batman clones for example) maybe they would be a little better to me. But, until B&M does something special again..I won't go out of my way to ride their coasters.




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I love B&M for their smoothness, but there are so many "mega" coasters that Intamin have made that are pefect for my liking in every sense. I love airtime. S:RoS at SFNE is an airtime machine and I could ride that ride forever and never get sick of it. I'm sure that GeForce is awesome too, but sadly I haven't ever been overseas so I don't know how good it is. The other S:RoS's are also really good too, and MF and TTD are great coasters also. B&M though, their zero-g rolls are amazing and easily my favorite coaster element. I go back and forth on these companies, but usually it's based upon the one I got off last.

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I love both Intamin and B&M. At my homepark, SFNE, we both got Superman: Ride of Steel and Batman: The Dark Knight. Yeah Batman: TDK is a small floorless B&M, but it provides a lot of fun and thrill.


And of course, no complains about Superman. Still gives me a the rush of excitement everytime I ride it.

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I love B&M! I like inverts, coasters without a launch(I like to see how high I'm getting and know that I'll drop that much), and smoothness! I also can't wait to try my first floorless coaster in June! It'll be Hydra, another B&M. I haven't been on many coasters so I never rode an Intamin.


A list of the B&Ms I have ridden or will ride this year and their rankings compared to the other B&Ms:


Dueling Dragons-Fire #1

Dueling Dragons-Ice #2

Great Bear #3

Hulk(will ride; will probably end up as #1 or #2)

Talon(will ride; will probably end up as #3 or #4)

Hydra(will ride; will probably end up as #1 or #2)



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i think both companies are fantastic. they are defanatly the main companies for roller coaster design. but i have been on alot more b&m rides tho. just went to alton towers yesterday and they are great rides there. but the hulk and the dueling dragons are just so thrilling aswell. i think anyone whos been on any of them will agree with me.

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I've only been on one Intamin in my life, and that was Millenium Force. But that one was enough to convince how awesome Intamin is. I'd love to try GeForce, but once again, the issue of travel expenses come up.


I like B&M a lot as well, obviously. Apollo's charriot was a great thrill as well with all those drops, and both Mantis and Raptor at CP were great experiences too.

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GO INTAMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO B&M!!!!!!!!!!!


that is my scale Intamin is clearly the best they make lots of launch coasters but still make classic chain lift coasters let alone woodies and flats unlike B&M not to hate on them or nothing. B&M still makes great coasters mostly models and one launched.I love Intamin!!!!!! Don't get me wrong B&M is still awesome.

P.S. Intamin and B&M used to be one company, Intamin stands for International Amusements Incorporated in case anyone wonders how they got the name.

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Wouldn't say B&M and INTAMIN used to be one company, B&M were engineers for INTAMIN, jus tlike Mike and Clair of GCI, they used to work for CCI before starting GCI. It's like saying Giovanola used to be INTAMIN and B&M, when they just do track fab for both compaines.


I prefer either or .. some INTAMINs however are amazing and same with B&M.

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Intamin is good, espacially Goliath @ Walibi World.

Only I've never been on a B&M, I hope one is coming in Phantasialand.

A stand-up would be great to ride I think, I hate it that they don't built those types anymore.


Are there any bad B&M's btw?

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^Good point, but if i'm not mistaken B&M split off from Intamin and Giovonola is B&M's subcontractor just like Consign AG. Also seeming that Intamin is much more experimental and adventerous than B&M, so how could they be Intamin's former engineers, also think about it Werner Stengal is a designer for both companies.


P.S. this message not to be taken offensively, I got this info from a book.

,well most of it at least.

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I love both of these companies in different ways. The only reason I prefer B&M more is because they built Riddler. Even though Intamin takes more chances than B&M does, B&M just spends a lot of time finalizing and making sure they have a good coaster.

---Brent 8)

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