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shoubrastreet74 wrote:


Also, I think that muscle control is a big factor in headbanging. If you are coming to a part that you know you will hit your head on, just tighten your neck mucles and try to keep your head from moving. It works for me.


Oh my god! Finally, someone else says it! This is the exact technique I use when riding Arrows and Vekomas and there is never any contact between my head and the OTSR's. I never have been able to properly word this riding technique, but you said it perfectly. The only coaster where I could not control my muscles was Goudurix. That slammed me so hard, even my strong neck muscles were no match for that motherf**ker.


I've never understood when people say "Just push your head to one side of the harness". WHY? That does nothing. In this case, your head just bangs into one side of the harness.


And, speaking of Arrows, just thinking about them makes me sad. Most of those big Arrow loopers will be gone by 2010, I bet. We've already lost Steel Phantom, Drachen Fire, Orient Express, and Shockwave. I'll be honest, they are shitty rides. They are maintenance nightmares, they are rough (to the average rider), most have low ridership. I love the Arrow rides to death, but I honestly think most will be gone within 5 years.




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I don't know if I am special or what, but I have never had a bad experence on a Vekoma! I have ridden more SLC's than I can count, way too many boomerangs, an invertigo, two Giant Inverted Boomerangs and Rock'N Roller Coaster. While none of these (excluding RRC) were really fun or thrilling, they wern't really rough either. I have never hit my head once on a Vekoma restraint! *knocks on wood*


I have, however, had headbanging on Arrows before I was tall enough for my ears to go over the OTSR, and older B&Ms.

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I'm a coaster ethusiast and I don't HATE any coasters. Some coasters are more boring or uncomfortable COMPARED to OTHER COASTERS, but NO "bigger" coaster is BAD. Being on any ("bigger") coaster is more fun than... not being on any coaster. BTW I relly like Déjà Vu, definately one of my favorite coasters

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I think boomerangs are ok. They aren't that bad if they have extra padding on top of the OSTR where your neck is like the one at Hershey has. I also think SLC's are fun rides. I'd take a B&M invert over a SLC anyday but despite some roughness I like the layout of the SLC.

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Boomerang at Knott's sucked, big time. I'm darn near 6'4", and it was painful as hell, just like Viper at SFMM. I love hitting Deja Vu everytime I'm at MM, never really found anything wrong with it. I ALWAYS sit on the outside seats though because of my height, you get a better view and ride too I think.

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You guys got problems!

I think you are all forgetting one thing! Without Vekoma you would NOT have any Intamins or Vekomas!

Face it! For a small park, Vekoma could not be a better choice! What do they offer? Very compact, but very impressive coasters for a very cheap price. If you believe it or not, they pull in the crowds that are needed before they can even think of a more expensive B&M or whatssoever!


A few of them might be bad, and it is fun to make fun of them. I sure don't enjoy riding them as much, but i realize why they are at a park and don't really want them taken down. I love most designs Vekoma comes up with, they're usually pretty good.


They might not be on par with the more expensive ones. But they're good for what they are, and that's what I ride them for...

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