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This might have already been said but one of the biggest problems is that Vekoma has a gap between the rails and the wheels on the coaster train.


As a result you get a lot more bumping around (especially on the SLCs (Supsended looping coaster).


T2 is without a doubt the worst coaster ride I've ever had and it's a SLC.


Also, it seems that Vekoma has designed all their restraints for maximum headbanging results.

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I'm going to agree with everyone else.. they're just too rough. Boomerangs aren't bad rides, but they get old after you see them at every park. SLCs scare me, they always feel like the car is going to fly off the track. Strangely enough though, Invertigo at PGA is fairly smooth.

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Vekomas. They come in all shapes and sizes. The Boomerangs are rough and it hurts, but its not the end of the world. DejaVu is suprisingly smooth. Rollerskaters and Mine Trains are smooth. I'll see how bad an SLC is this summer. I predict it will be as rough as Boomerang

Kevin"Flashback IS the end of the world!"Bujold

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I only have a problem with the SLCs, and some SLCs are smoother than others. Boomerangs are just boring and I mind as well have one in my backyard.


Everything else Vekoma that I've been on hasn't given me a problem. The Flying Dutchman and LSM coasters are really smooth and I even like the Vekoma flying coasters over Superman Ultimate Flight.

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I don't really mind the Boomerangs, except for the "they're in every park" thing.


Some of the worse rides I have ever had have been at the hands of the infamous SLC coaster. Even with that said, some of them aren't that bad. I found the ones at Darien and Wild Adventures to be very ridable.


// All this Vekoma bashing will probably cease once Expedition Everest opens.

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. I like the boomerangs.. do they make Vipers?.. because I like vipers.


I don't know if Vekoma makes Vipers


Viper SFOG - Schwarzkopf

Viper SFAW - Schwarzkopf

Viper SFGAM is a wood coaster, not made by Vekoma

Viper SFGADV - Togo (recently dismantled)

Viper SFMM - Arrow

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at Gl there are 2: the Mind Eraser (boomerrang)

and the Serial Thriller slc. the names have changed to ones i can't seem to remember, but the pain's the same.

It's like i heard some mother say when GL was 6FWOA: you best stop that whinin' or I's gonna take yo' azz on the F%$#^ng Serial thrilla! That'll shut that trap of yourz!

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After their first year, they're toast.Their Wheel assemblies go bad quickly making for an extremely 'jolting/jarring' experience. The 'headbang' effect happens most notably during corcksrews and track sections not banked enough in turns.

In "Random" there's probibly 8 threads like this.

Happy Reading.


VeComa! The Ultimate Mind Eraser!

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Ever hear the old saying, “Take two of these and call me in the morning”? Well in the case of Vekoma coasters, it’s “Take two bottles of these and call me when you headache finally goes away!”


I’m still feeling the head shake from Invertigo 2 weeks ago. NEVER AGAIN!

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I actually don't mind Vekoma that much. Their rides are a tad bit on the rough side but from what I've experinced nothing major. People get all wigged out because of a few headbanging elements on some of their rides. I actually consider their rides just very forceful which after riding a ride like Silver Bullet or Air, is actually a good feeling. Anyway, thats just what I think about Vekoma.


Michael"vekoma is the homie"Thomas

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