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Photo TR: Snow Storm.


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Last night in chat there was some talk (among the cool Midwest crew) who were discussing an approaching snow-storm. I mentioned that some freezing rain had begun to fall, and someone (I think it was Mark) asked me if that's the same as hail.


Well a bit of a long discussion ensued (far longer than Mark had probably intended), the result of which was that hail is balls of ice, and freezing rain is much like sleet.


Of course the question then arose: "what is sleet".


Anyway it made me realize that our poor friends out in California never have the pleasure of playing with snow. Well, unless they go skiing (lucky bastards!), but that's still not the same as actually living with it.


I love the snow, and particularly love snow storms; however I was skeptical as to how big a storm was brewing simply because the stupid media loves to over-forecast this early in the season. (Seriously, they were advising people to run out to the store and stock up because they could be snowed in for days - sad thing is that people were actually doing it!!).


Anyway .. I awoke this morning to the sound of my two UPS's beeping wildly because the power was out. It actually took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on, since the power in my neighborhood has failed maybe only 2 or 3 times in the 11 years I've lived there. Since the power was out, I had no way of getting my car out of the garage (actually there is a manual release, but don't tell work that), so I took the opportunity to go for a walk and take some photos for the Californians ... and everyone else who gets to miss out on these fun little events.


The Chicago river where it runs behind the building at work. That bridge in the distance is Belmont Ave.


Well into Chicago now (still on Western Ave), and you can see the city does a totally awesome job of clearing the streets.


Downside of LED traffic lights! The LEDs don't generate heat, so the snow doesn't melt off the lenses. The lights are actually red, but they're so hard to see it made driving difficult.


This guy is parked (illegally) on Western Ave in Chicago. The ploughs have been going by all night throwing snow, ice, salt, rocks and all sorts of crap all over his car.


Driving to work now. You can see the road is a little slushy, but for the most part it's not bad at all. Once I crossed over the boarder into Chicago (1.5 miles), the roads were excellent.


One of the City Of Evanston salt/plough trucks hard at work. Evanston is usually pretty bad about ploughing the streets, but they were doing a pretty good job today.


I hope those signs aren't important!


Another shot of downtown Evanston.


Wanker artistic photo... (It's a fence). Hey, at least I didn't make it black and white!


Looking out over Lake Michigan .. This is a dog beach, and in warmer weather it's full of people and dogs (duh). There are people beaches too, just north and south of here.


I'm standing right next to the lake, and the warmer air keeps the snow almost melting. It's about 3 inches deep, and with the consistency of a slurpee.


Looking east along Church Street .. I'm walking to the lake. It looks like a scene from a bad Christmas TV Movie!


However, life goes on! This is a busy little downtown area, the shops are getting deliveries for Friday and the weekend.


Looking into downtown Evanston. The snow is pretty (along with the Christmas decorations), but it also makes everything sort of quiet and peaceful.


I was struck by how awesome this tree looks. The snow isn't heavy, the tree always weeps like that .. in summer it's full of leaves and you can actually hide inside. It would be a fun place to make-out.


This guy probably thought he was really smart "I'll get me a bike, then I never have to worry about driving in the snow!!". Loser :)


The scene that greeted me out the front of my building this morning. It's really quite pretty.

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No sign of snow yet here in Canaba. Though we did have a chilly rain all day today and yesterday.


Though I think the great lakes actually protects my area. We don't seem to ever get hit as hard as the Chicago or Buffalo areas get.


At least Chicago is worth digging out of the snow though. Unlike Buffalo.

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Come on, can it snow in New England already? Heck, I bet theres a better chance of getting a white Christmas in Ireland, and they get 1 inch of snow each year.


Anyways, nice PTR, I can't wait for it to snow! It looks like you had qabout 5-6 inches where you live. hopefully, it will snow by Sunday, but because of the 65 degrees here, I highly doubt it.

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I will say that Chicago gets the main streets plowed and cleared fast and really well. The side streets, not so much. Our street looks like a warzone right now, and it will until it all melts. Streets and Sanitation can take weeks before they finally feel like working the neighborhoods.


I love Evanston, it's a city within a city. The downtown is awesome.


Thanks Cam!

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No sign of snow yet here in Canaba. Though we did have a chilly rain all day today and yesterday.


Though I think the great lakes actually protects my area. We don't seem to ever get hit as hard as the Chicago or Buffalo areas get.


At least Chicago is worth digging out of the snow though. Unlike Buffalo.


Hated that rain. Plus, I was waiting all day for some snow... nothing.


And at the Buffalo comment.


Looks like Canada on your average winter morning.


That reminds me: A couple of days ago, my friend accidentally spilled white-out all over some picture. Dialogue:


Friend: Looks like spilt milk, I guess.


Me: Nah. Looks like Calgary in January.



P.S. News reports said there were snow flurries in Central Florida sometime last week...

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YAY for snow! We also got that same storm a little bit south of you guys but ours is already melting! It was nice while it lasted.


Laura "I have made out under a willow tree" Huls


I hope ours melts soon. We've discoved that our car has a leak, moisture is freezing to the inside of the windows of the car. Scraping ice off the inside of your windows is a joyess event.


And you can't end a post with a "middle name" like that. You must explain!


Matt " " Jacobs

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