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Help Robb & Elissa With Music!

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Hey all!


It's about that time again where we start trying to choose music for this years video. I've got a good size list already but please post any suggestions here!


In particular I'm looking for a really great song to do a Powder Keg segment to. Something similar to our "doo-dah" Silver Dollar City Segment, or the Cowtown Thunderhead segment. Some kind of country or Powder Keg related high energy not quite country music! I have a few ideas, but I'm not up in all the country music!


Please post below any suggestions for video music!


Elissa "Thanks!" Alvey

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When I heard Cowboy from Chipz for the first time, I thougt this song is like some funny songs in your videos. This song has some banjo parts which it makes a little country styled but mostly, it is pop music.




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Okay, it would be funny if you used Michael Murphy's Wildfire. It's a ridiculous schmaltzy AM radio song from the 70's-- maybe not for the 'real' video, but it would be hilaaarious.


Of course, if you were to go for appropriate lyrics, there's also Prince's Hot Thing. A little more funk and less dance than your usual stuff, but it works, and has a pretty sweet hook.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.


Can you guys reccomend any other music not for Powder Keg?


We're looking for songs that would be "upbeat", "quirky", you know...you've seen our videos!


It doesn't have to be mainstream, it can be obscure. But we're at the time now where we start listening to hundreds of songs and narrow it down to 20 or 30.


Any help would be appreciated!!!



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I don't know if you know the songs but I really think for something exploding or fits good at a video for Rollercoasters is Pluto from Bjork, but I don't think you are seaching for that kind of songs.


It may fit for Powder Keg , because it starts with weird a weird up-tempo electric sound and then she sings: "Excuse me, but I just just have to..Explode" and then it gets a little bit stronger.

And at the end she only screams and it really sounds like there is something verry heavy going on, verry extreme.

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Not really for Powder Keg but I could think of Constant Static from New Found Glory.

An other suggestion would be the whole Start Static album from Sugarcult, but you have used already some songs from this one (except "Daddy's Little Defect" which would be cool)^^

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Here are some ideas for powder keg...


Vengaboys- Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! (thinking about this for our PK video)


John Lee Hooker and Others - Boom Boom (nice blues song)





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Nine Inch Nails Head like a Hole would be a cool ass song for a coaster video, as far as Powder Keg goes Cowboy troy (black country Rapper) I played Chicken with A train would be kinda cool. Anything by Audioslave would be sweet to, Cochise, SHow Me how To live, or their remake of 7 Nation Army would rock Hard !!!!

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I strongly suggest looking into one of my favorite bands called The Format. They make really good music that is catchy and upbeat. I highly recommend "Wait, Wait, Wait" and "The First Single" off of their Interventions & Lullabies album. The lyrics don't really have much to do with coasters, but I really think they would fit well in a video.

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