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WalMart blocked in San Diego....


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Love the prices.


Hate the fact that everyday all day is Mullet Day at DisneyLand.


Dirty stores, employees that are less the stellar. Long lines, rude people.....



Need I say more?


Target is better, plus they have vault icee's!!!

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I think many people feel that because they are paid as little as they may be and get little to no benefits, there is no reason to work extra hard when they are going to get the same amount of pay as they would for doing the minimum.


When I worked at the front end of Lowes Foods, I could see the daily sales, and many times they would be about two or three times what I make in a year, and that is in one day (Keep in mind that I would work about 30-35 hours a week with no benfits, but better pay than most similar jobs in the area). Now take Wal-Mart which if I worked there would probably pay me less in a year, but their daily sales would be in the six-figure range in one day alone.


This is one of the main reasons I am majoring in Middle Grade Education, because I know that the main benefit of the work I do isn't going to be to make someone else money.

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I would support an ordinance making big box stores reduce their urban footprint. That means, building parking underneath, atop, or in a garage as part of the store. The store itself should be 2 or more floors, with special cart escalators between the passenger escalators, moving ramps, and/or oversized elevators. Allowing, rather than prohibiting, big-box stores, would better revitalize cities, because they give existing residents more choice, and can attract others to come back.


IMO, the city councils are shooting themselves in the foot by making these ordinances, and some of them have special interests with union groups. Many of those who work for stores like Wal-Mart know what the wages are, and are most often students, spouses with better-paying jobs, and/or retired older people who are looking for supplementary income while making sense of their time.

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