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Photo TR:Wyandot Lake Auction Inspection

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So I made the journey northwards an hour to Wyandot Lake, a part I have never been to before, to check out their auction inspection because Six Flags is selling the park to the Columbus Zoo (which is right across the street) and selling off most of the items on property.




Manual brakes! Whoo!


I found this in the HR room of Wyandot Lake, that was gutted of all furniture. Last thing hanging on the wall.




So thats why Six Flags is selling, busted for possession. Who is so stupid to POST IT! Sheesh.


ZOMG!1!!!one!11! POV!


Is this a credit?


Hm...the gate is open...dare I?


lol dead. :D


So I heard these are from Astroworld...Can you say "Cursed"?


Six Flags proudly serves!


If I got those, we could so have a dance party in the bathrooms.


Have you ever seen a Tilt-A-Whirl motor?


More structure parts.


More Tilt-A-Whirl parts.


Poor Tilt-A-Whirl, sent to endure more misery at another Six Flags park!


Wow. Six Flags really got to that AC machine!


This could be the last go around on the merry-go-round!

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Nice job. So how many rides does Wynadot lake have? Should I be sad that it is being dismantled? The coaster is being saved right? I really don't care much about the park itself, but any wooden coaster in danger concerns me.


The fact that it's 50 years old and apparently a crowd favorite should entice the zoo to keep it, I don't see why they would tear down a perfectly good wooden coaster in any case actually... but then again, people can be stupid.

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Wyandot Lake had about 10 rides if I can remember correctly. I never went during an actually operating date (Even though is is technicaly the 2nd closest amusement park to me)


The park was more noted for its water rides then amusement rides. There are four slides, (Six Flags is selling the 3 longest ones) one large wave pool and one small one (the water slide that is staying dumps into the small wave pool)


I was hoping to get a sign from the park through the auction but it seemed that the Zoo decided not to sell the signs even though in the flyer they stated that they would sell them.


Sea Dragon, the coaster there, is not going anywhere as of now. The Zoo owns it. I think its obvious that there will be no 2007 season for this park, but it has been rumored that it will be back in 2008 while the Zoo fixes it up and installs new rides.

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Here's my pics: http://donald.extremepki.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=73


I went later, so I had crappy light, but I did pretty well.


Sea Dragon, Tilt-A-Whirl, Scrambler, and the Cinema 180 dome, the Zoo is keeping. Along with the newest slide complex, and the bucket dumping water play area thing. All the other stuff including park equipment and random crap is listed for sale.





Changes from the time that was made: Park signs and Cinema 180 dome are no longer for sale, the Zoo has elected to keep them. That was stated on the handout info papers today.

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