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Little kid on DLR's Indiana Jones and DCA Tower of Terror?

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What's your opinion?


Our family is going to DL and DCA for my son's 6th birthday soon. He wants to go on both the Indiana Jones ride and Tower of Terror, and he's tall enough. Based on your experience, are these 2 rides really safe for a 4-foot tall kid?


I ask because I haven't been on the Indiana Jones ride in 5 years, and I've never been on Tower of Terror; and I know there have been a few "incidents" on these 2 attractions.


FYI: my kid's already been on Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, and Big Thunder Mountain RR dozens of times.


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As long as he is in good, healthy condition, than you should have no worries.


I used to have contact with the Imagineer who worked on the pneumatically locking seat belts, that both rides utilize. Hearing his interesting stories on how they would test them, as well as with children, I believe they're pretty safe. He would literally tell his own son, while the ride was not opearational, "if you can get out of this seat belt, I'll buy you donuts." And he would watch his own son try to escape the seat! Hence why Soarin' has the little loops that the seatbelts run through, for shorter children.


So I believe that they're perfectly safe. Any "incident" had to do with the individual being of poor health. I think his issue might be that he gets intimidated inside of the queues!


Best of luck!



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If he does not have any any serious heart conditions that could be triggered during the ride, serious back injury, or pregnancy, he should go ahead and ride. I was about 5 the first time I rode Indy, and here I am 12 years later still talking about it.

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In terms of safety, both rides should by fine. Indy could be jostly, and I'd only worry about that slight discomfort if I were to worry about anything.


As far as scariness... if he wants to ride them, then he can. If he doesn't, he shouldn't. That's all. Although you already knew that.

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I know what you mean about kids wanting to go on rides versus parents making them -- over the last year I've been an AP I've seen so many people bring screaming toddlers and babies on Pirates and the Haunted Mansion rides, and I get upset every time I see that.


My son only wants to ride these 2 rides because his Dad will be with us. We already told him that it's okay if he changes his mind. If he'd rather go climbing on Tom Sawyer island, that's great!


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We finally made it to Disneyland and DCA on my son's 6th birthday. We rode Indiana Jones first, and he didn't like it very much -- too much turbulence and darkness. In this photo, he's rating Indy a "thumbs sideways."


We also rode Tower of Terror, which freaked out all of us, including my son! We were all wobbly afterwards. My son now calls the ride "the terrible tower of terrible terror."


We're going back after the Matterhorn reopens (and before our APs expire).



The little dude gives Indy the "thumbs sideways"

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They make the ride's height restriction for a reason. Obviously, Disney and its lawyers and CalOSHA believe 46" is the minimum height to ride Indy. Anything else, is UN-safe.


I'm on the ride, so if you come by and I'm working at one of the height check areas, if there's anything less than a finger width of space between your child's height and the sign, no-go.



Edit: wow, well there goes that post... next time I'll read through all the way, lol.

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i screamed my lungs out on ToT because i knew i wouldn't get the opp. to do it on Maliboomer nah. I loved ToT not too scary, and some of the airtime it gives is astounding. I know this is off topic, but the ride would be even cooler if it could get something like the one at DisneySea has where the lighting affect hits the elevator shaft and it drops.

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I really do not know about ToT, I've never been to DCA.....sad, I know.


As for Indiana Jones....all that it has is a seat belt, so if he's worried about possible falling out, I'd strongly recommend an inside seat. The ride bounces a lot. As long as he's healthy, he should have a blast. Have fun while you're there!



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