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New Thorpe Park Video!

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I think this might have gotten buried in the XMAS Sale thread, so in case you might have missed it, check out the most recent Theme Park Review video segment we've released here:




Highlights include:

- Bird Killing Train!!!

- The English Gypsies that were banned from the park!

- Casey tackles Ryan!

- Casey tackles Ryan AGAIN!

- Lots of TPR craziness.


Hope you guys all enjoy the video! Please feel free to post your comments here. And oh, yeah, in shameless plug fashion, if you haven't already ordered your copy of Volume 8, you can do so here:





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That really makes me want to go on one of these trips!


Dude! Yeah! I am really gald that I forked over the cash for it! It was really a well worth it trip! Robb and Elissa really do put on a good show! Everything was planned so exact and so perfect that the only thing i had to worry about was making the bus on time, and eating! It was absolutley perfect!


And to tell you the truth, the way I feel about it is this. Its not really the places or the the things you do that makes it worth while. Its the people you meet...


I like to think that, since that trip, I have met some really awesome people. Good People! And..well..some maybe not so much! So I mean, yeah, you really have to look into doing one of these trips!


End Rant


-Ryan "Poured my heart out!" King

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