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Six Flags Magic Mountain (last update 9/29/07 page 15)

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I have been going to SFMM many times this year so why not make it on RCT3. Unlike my other recreation which was a total mess.


Custum Scenery List:


Aceana's Pavement Essentials Expanded (all downloads)

ATH Catwalk Set

Aceana Rocks

CSF Steel I Beam Set

Cafeen's Letters

DRP Ambience

DRP Tudes

Das Matzes' Railings V 0.55

Iceatcs' Curve Slide Supports

Iceatcs' Timber Frame Building Pieces

JCat's Dark Ride Set

JCat's Spaceworx

JCat's Steelworx

JCat's Blox

Klinn's Framework

MNM Dark Ride

SK - HGR71

SK - HGR51

SK - M31

Superman Wall Set

Vodhin's Cafe Kit

Shy - Alpine Village Sets 1-3

Shy - Catfish Cove

Shy - Circus Center Sets 1-2

Shy - Expo 3000 Set

Shy - Main Street Sets 1-4

Coaster Goodies

ATH Coaster Accessories

Comic Book Heros

DRP Lightz

Eletigna New Street Elements

Hotroddudes Park Xtras

Marnetmars Leftoverz

Vodhin's Light Kit


All custom scenery can be found here: http://www.rct-theme-world.de/rct-li...plete-list.htm








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^ Sorry but most of Magic Kingdom is one of those parks where it's almost impossibe to make. I can see why most people give up on making a disney park.


Anyway Superman is the new coaster under construction. I might change the entrance if it looks unrealistic. It's made by the spaceworx.







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Considering my experience with building stuff in RCT3, is that Sky Tower a ready-made building loaded into your scenario or you built it from scratch? If you built it from scratch, how long did it take you to finish the top part of the tower?!!


Great job anyway!


The whole tower took about 20-30 minutes. I put up the elevators first then made all the scenery around it.


It doesn't need any custom scenery to make.


The bottom part is just the elevators, stairs, and the framework.


The top took somewhere around 20 minutes.


I even put in the blue carpet.

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