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Six Flags Magic on Thanksgivings

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I tried going today; we ended up leaving at about 2:00. Freefall was busted again (there were mechanics actually pushing it back into the station after the drop) and Orient Express wasn't working, although I kept seeing people go in and out of the booth. We managed to get on Tatsu twice with Flash Pass (the line was going down the hill with both sides of the station and 2 trains going), front row on Riddler, Goliath, Ninja, Superman, and Circus Wheel.


Every time I try to go on a holiday, it's always jammed. Rrrgh.

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never crowded


three dest days to go


1. Super bowl


2. Thanksgiving


3.Any friday afternoon between 10:00am and 5:00pm


also all the big coasters will open and not many other rides


Are you kidding me the park was really crowded(for thanksgiving)today riddlers line was near the entrance and tatsu's wait was over 2 hours.idk where you got your info from but ya it was wrong.


i wouldnt put my money that the park would be empty super bowl sunday not everyone watches football.



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