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Wii Friend Connect Code Exchange


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Guitar Hero III code:






-James "seriously, I want some competition/co-op worthy players" Dillaman


(My screen name on GHIII is Jammy Dee, have fun!)


Hmm, I think if I woulda just looked up your screen name on the GH community site, I could have just sent you a friend invite on there, or vice versa, I think so anyway.

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Am I going to be #100, or #101? I got a deal on a Wii yesterday at Target. It had probably been on the shelf for not even 20 minutes. I'll probably play with it tonight when I get home.


Edit: I got my system up and running, played Wii Sports for a while and then the system locked up. The system still works, but whenever I try to insert the Sports disk I get a "Remove the disk" error. Anyone have any ideas on what went wrong?


Edit: My number has changed! Do not use 7795-3776-0116-7154



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After having my Wii for several months, I figured out the reason why I couldnt connect to the internet. The problem has been fixed and I'm ready to play!


Wii FC: 5915-1496-6895-3862

Brawl FC: 2492-4549-1545

MK FC: 3007-8509-6070


PM me with your info and I'll be happy to add you!

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