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ANOTHER 1st Gen Intamin Freefall to go!

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I searched on this site to see if someone had already posted this... and I didnt find anyone so...




That is the link to the Screamscape article that talks about the removal.


As for me... I am very dissapointed in Six Flags. I'm sure that costs must be very expensive... but it still is the only freefall type ride to give me that true feeling.


Why Six Flags... You and your new family approach to things!



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I don't understand why people are confused why SFMM fixed up Freefall, only to turn around and sell it...


Um...Let's put it this way...You are going to buy a car. Would you rather buy a car for cheap only to have to put a lot of money into fixing it, or would you rather buy a car that's already been fixed-up and in decent running order and pay a bit more money and save yourself some time and money to not have to fix it?


It's quite simple...

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Thats bad i really wanted to ride this to. also sorry for getting off topic but while reading a little more it said that the general manager of SFNE is going over to SFGAdv. and the GM of SFEG is going to be GM of SFNE. i dont know if this is a good idea but i think IMO that SFNE is one of the better parks because it is probably the best themed six flags and has the best steel coaster. i wonder whats next for SFNE and what will be happening next year and what this new GM will do for the park. hopefully he doesnt ruin what this park has done for the SF chain.

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Uh. That's only one Freefall ride for sale, not four. The "Four units available" is in reference to the vehicles used on the ride. Otherwise, there would be four listings rather than one. The Screamscape editor misinterpreted it.

nope, sorry, you are incorrect


Links to all four flyers:






I found it funny how the MM one is said to have never used three of the cars, ha. Typical MM I suppose.


- Joe

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^They have dated themselves and can be kind of rough. The maintenace causes the park to spend money on an older ride instead of general park appearance or security which most SF's needs. They have a weird smell and the restraints are very unhygenic. Some of them are very painful at the bottom when they drop in to the unload area. They have been replaced by the massively larger,higher capacity, better view drop towers. The one at CP seems to attract white trash like a trailer show with a Sknyrd cover band. They are past their time and while some rides are classic these are one trick ponies. In twenty years when the drop towers are leaving I won't be any sadder then I am with these.

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I would just like to see why some people want these rides gone? I mean, I completely respect your opinion... but i just want to hear something besides "not thrilling or short." Personally, I love these rides.


The reason parks are getting rid of them.

1) High maintenance costs and low ridership = death sentence

2) They seem "old" - you can't really market it.

3) Liability issues with injuries.

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I just think its funny...


Six Flags Magic Mountain Priority List...


2. Fix Freefall - Even though were going to sell it!

2. Fix Tatsu's Lift Hill...Which is SLOWLY Sliding off the Mountain

3. Oh..and that ride..um...Oh Yeah..X...yeah..STILL broken!


And Somewhere on this list...


100. Give Scream some sort of themeing...


I love you SFMM!



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2. Fix Tatsu's Lift Hill...Which is SLOWLY Sliding off the Mountain


I haven't really been paying attention to anything outside of the Northeast and Midwest, so please pardon my ignorance, but... huh? Is this true?


Has there been news that the footers will eventually need to be reinforced?


Oh, and I love 1st-gen Free-Falls; IMO, they're the only rides that truly give you that feeling of falling freely (well, them, and the infamous "Rolling Thunder Hill" on El Toro). I much prefer them to any other tower rides.

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