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Holiday Avatars


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or if

your Canadian [which I'm not] Remebrance Day


Don't forget Aussies and New Zealander's! We celebrate(d) remembrance day as well.


BTW, i can't do mine. If somewone could help me put a santas hat on grover, but still keep him moving, i will be ever so pleased.


Sorry it took so long, but I have your avatar ready. Like I said, it's far from perfect, and I think it's in the right order, enjoy!


DUDE! Thats WICKED! Thank you so much! You are now a freind of the sound!

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^I don't think it would be difficult. Put the hat on top the first hill or have it canted to one side of the letters in Steel Dragon (I think the "S" would be the best spot.) But don't ask me to do it. I know a lot about computers, but I have nothing but problems when it comes to playing around with graphics.

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^If you have a picture in mind, find it and save it to your computer. PM me with your email (or I can send mine). Email the picture and I'll edit it and send it back.


Then again, you might just be able to attach the pic to a PM verses email. Will do best to help you if you wish.


BTW, how did you change your title near your avatar?

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^Aha! The mysterious Title Fairy has struck again. I always figured why bother the Fairy when I can change my sig and do basically the same thing.


No prob. Will look for a message from you and go from there. Glad to help out.


As for the Vault Icee, while funny, it just doesn't compare to a good woman AND a good relationship. Besides, if you think Vault is something, wait until you have Starbucks coffee(if you haven't already). It's a tough thing choosing between black and white mocha, and Vault Icee. The mocha won...this time...


Good woman AND a good relationship > Vault or Starbucks.

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It would be nice to get santa caps on Wallce & Grommit here.


But I am not able to pull it off with my current non-pc skills. So...


Any help here? Thanks in advance.


(And lights around the Blackpool Tower there in back, might look cool, too.)


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