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Cruising with Theme Park Review!

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That cruise boat is so impressive, the one I went on which incidentally was the actual "Love Boat" from the TV series was just ghastly - like being in a really dangerous bar for two weeks.


I reckon ACER's would explode like the fat guy in Meaning of Life if they went on that cruise.

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Well since the update put me at the end of this thread, I had to go back and find the update. On my way I found that fat dude, and I looked at the bag and It looked like like a *Yeah you know what I mean*. Once I reached to the update and I saw the fat guy again and saw Robbs comment and it made me laugh really hard because I was thinking of the same thing.





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Hey way to go Robb:) Now why were you not maxing out the machine. It looks like you were only playing one credit at a time. Shame on you. If you were to hit the big jackpot with one coin in you would have hit it with two in......And I had nothing to do with american beauty...OMG I just now got that joke......LMAO....hey you want glass of that too....


Casey"I did call the cruise ship casino and let them know you were there"Childers

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Now why were you not maxing out the machine. It looks like you were only playing one credit at a time. Shame on you. If you were to hit the big jackpot with one coin in you would have hit it with two in......

OMG! Of course I was maxxing it out! Probably just didn't look clear in the pic....


Now it's JEWY you need to yell at!!! He was the one that got a spin and not playing the max coins! What did that get him? NOTHING!!!!


Poor little Jew.....



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LMAO HAHAHAHA Way to go Joey! LMAO that is soooo funny. I have seen people do that before but actually if they had it maxed they would have hit the big one.......Like around a couple of million!


Hey Joey way to save a buck. See Robb took notes, you always max out coins if it is a progressive or like a wheel spin. Silly boy, oh well you learned though. Was it worth saving that dollar, and not getting a spin. LOL now I know what to get joey for the holidays, something with wheel of fortune on it, or a sticker that we put on the machines that says "PLAY MAX COINS"


That is so funny:)



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Our last day of the cruise we docked in Miami and it was CREDIT WHORING time!!! Well, at least for the boys since Elissa and I had most of the credits already.


We hit up Dania Beach Hurricane, Uncle Bernie's, the Broward County Fair, and finally Santa's Enchanted Village.....


Photos and Videos of our "Day In Miami - 2006"


Oooh! What is that we see? CREDIT!!!!


There IS actually a good woodie in Florida!


Jow has no friends....


"No, it's true! I really don't have any friends!"


Yeah, it's a pretty kick ass ride....it's no Balder, but it's still pretty awesome!


Nice POV shot for you POV freaks!


And that's what it looks like from the side.


Since the cruise update hasn't had any coaster photos, I'm making up for it now.


As you can see....there wasn't anyone there. How does this ride stay in business???


Seems like the FLCC are treated with respect here....


Time to say goodbye to the Hurricane until later tonight...


And time to say "Hello" to a quality amusement park!


For those of you who don't know, Uncle Bernie's is part of the drive in theater and swap meet....yeah..."quality!"


There are credits down there somewhere!


And there it is! The "Abandoned Mine" with that infamous tunnel.


"We feel SOOOOO dirty!"


"Here we go in the tunnel of death!"


"Hello....I'm CRAZY swap meet coaster tunnel guy....GIMME SOME CANDY!"


Jow really is a whore.


We decided to go check out the swap meet to see what treasures we could find.


"I'm totally up for buying some Easy Mac out of the back of a scary van!"


OMG! The Holy Grail!!!!


"Only 3 for $5! Can I fill up my suitcase???"


"Shemale?!!? OMG, we HAVE to buy some!"


"Welcome to the Broward County Fair...we're all mutants here!"


Looks decent enough to do some whoring.


You know...I've always wondered about this...and damn...here it is in a box in the middle of nowhere Southern Florida....


He died because of a mirror? I'm SO confused!!!


Joey has found his perfect match!


Yay! Something for Elissa and KidTums! Why aren't Elephant Ears ever at So Cal fairs?


OMG. I don't need to go anywhere else! You guys get the credits, I'll be RIGHT HERE!


Deep Fried...COKE?!?!


"Pork Chop on a stick....Taco...IN A BAG?!?!"


Something for Canobie Fan!




This one is named after USRoadTripper.


Ahh, I see they are giving away QUALITY prizes!


"Boob #3 feels violated!"


You all SUCK for getting credits that I can't get!!!


"Hey Mark...how's it going?"


Time to be a bit whorish again.


We actually squeezed our fat asses together and formed one HUGE ass!


We found Soren!


Our last stop of the night! "Santa's Enchanted Forest!"


OMG! I guess everyone is here to do some whoring.


"Can we count Santa as a credit?"


Fried Pork Skin....




This is the "Wow, I had a rough night of booze and sex" vesion of Thomas the Tank Engine!


Hey little baby turtle guys! I wish I could take you back home to California!


"Can you at least put us in a box and send us to Ryan? How about Derek?"


"I'll have 6,000 chicken fajitas, please."


Um...yeah....it's a GIANT TOILET!


Speaking of giant toilets!!!!


"Yo man...I approve of this Christmas tree."


NOT an "Elissa Friendly" game!!!!




Whee!!! We're random people getting credits!!!


Yay! This one actually spun!!!!


More full sized coasters.




Wow....we are all UG-LEE!!!


Magnetic brakes on the carney coaster....is that dorky enough for you?


Elissa wants one of these for Christmas.


And one of these...because TWO squirrel heads is better than one.


How did they know about KidTums?


Christmas lights and stuff....


Mmmm....MEAT and FIRE! It's like sex with charred animal flesh!


Well, hot damn! I guess they really DO have Santa on mars!


For those of you who saw the "Day in Miami" segment on the Volume 7 DVD, you'll be happy to know that guy has his head back!


Reminds me of ImageWorks - Cira 1989


Back at the hotel, I crawl into my cubby hole for a short nap.


Time to move stuff around...HEY JEW!!!! GET OUT OF MY BED!!!!


And to end this trip....what could be better than dinner at Carrabbas?


YES! My favorite Carrabbas dish is on the specials!


It's no wonder why we're all fat!


"Hey girls....do you like my big sausage?"


And I really think this is a GREAT photo to end this whole trip report with! Thanks Jow!


And thanks to all of you for reading....we hope you liked our Cruise update! And now...here's a little POV video for you of the Dania Beach Hurricane!


Enjoy and stuff!




And here's a zip version in case windows media player is being a freak and isn't working for you.


Dania Beach Hurricane POV

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Mash a Moose? Dude! That is the coolest sounding thing ever! Except for the moose bit. Now, if it was a rodent (Sorry Elissa! I have a fear of Rodents ) then maybe i would by one of those games!


I feel sorry for Elissa. Especially since she can't get a Wild Mouse credit! Were you allowed on the ride at Uncle Bernie?

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This one is named after USRoadTripper.


Awesome. If only I was in Florida, I'd go ride myself. If anyone gets a chance to ride me, tell me how I am.


By the way, this whole thread has really made me want to seriously look into doing a cruise. I never knew there was such interesting stuff to do in the ports...I thought it was all just shopping and beaches and stuff like that. Glad to know that there is more to do than just eat! haha



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See, I don't think the new fangled Zamperla mice (with the indivdual lap bars) spin much, if at all, especially when compared with the older ones that spin like crazy. The new ones are more painful than anything else (especially during the 'spinning' when all you're really doing is facing a different direction).

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