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Cruising with Theme Park Review!

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I have a question Robb. Are the extra things on the boat (eg. basketball, mini-golf and rock climbing) included in the price for the cruise or do you have to pay more once you are on the cruise for them? I'm considering going on a cruise for Spring Break.

Some is, some isn't. I know the basketball, golf, and rock climbing are (I think rock climbing is), but I think you might have to pay for the ice skating. It's a very small charge if you do have to.


The thing they make the most money on are the drinks and the casinos.


Also, the excursions are more money too. For example our zip line tour is $100 per person....


Hope that helps!



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Have fun! Just remember that if you're attacked by sharks, Joe would likely make excellent shark bait. And if you're attacked by giant sea creatures, Elissa should know what to do, as she watches just as many lame Sci-Fi channel original movies as me...




As for Elissa Dave, I think it would be more like Natural Disaster shows...I watched some of those with her and I am now offically freaked out by these events!


If a sea creature attacked..i think Joey would use some sort of Jew saint praying thing like Jahan to get them out of that situation...



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Looks like fun. Have a great week. What is the deal with the "almost" Spaceship Earth golfball looking thing by the basketball court.




"Wow now I have to go on a cruise so I can get the 1st picture of Spaceship Earth without the annoying magic wand"

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Did you guys play the Mario Kart arcade game? It's quite awesome--it takes your picture and places it in the frame of your character. The graphics are awesome, and it's all of the Mario Party fun upped a few levels.


At least you guys weren't on this Carnival Cruise. This would suck the big one.




"FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP) -- A thorough scrubbing of the Carnival Liberty began Sunday as the ship docked after a virus sickened nearly 700 passengers on a trans-Atlantic cruise.


Fourteen guests and five crew remained ill and in isolation when the ship arrived at Port Everglades, according to a statement released by Carnival Cruise Lines, a brand of Carnival Corp. Some passengers were escorted off the ship in wheelchairs by crew wearing blue gloves.


Preliminary tests identified the source of the outbreak as the highly contagious norovirus, which had struck several guests just before they boarded the cruise November 3 in Rome, Carnival officials said. More than 530 guests and 140 crew reported to the ship's infirmary with similar symptoms during the 16-day voyage." (This is a cut of the article... the entire article is in the link above.)

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What a small world! I worked on the Adventure, Voyager, and Explorer as Vocal Director for the Promenade Singers. I am not sure the show is still there, but it featured a guy and girl singing in the main atrium, usually with a track and on the formal night with the band.


Have fun!!

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what places are you going to ?...

i went on the mariner of the seas last june and i had alot of fun, its just like the ship you guys are one but i think 2 feet bigger..anyways..how you have alot of fun...i did the zip line thing in St.Marteen and yes once again i had alot of fun....

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