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Any trips planned this month?

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The coaster season is close to being in full swing, and all parks are almost open. Anybody have any trips planned?


For us this is the only weekend we don't have anything planned.


Next weekend I think we are going to go to Hurricane Harbor for opening weekend. (weather permitting)


The following weekend we are going to go to LegoLand to use our passes one last time before they expire and go to the AP preview for the new RoboCoaster attraction. And then probably to Disney on Sunday to check out the 50th stuff.


The following weekend is Elissa's Special Olympics thing. And we are throwing a party for a friend of mine at work who is moving to Ohio.


And then on Memorial Weekend we will be up in the Bay area. Our original plan was to do PGA on Thursday, SFMW Friday, San Francisco Stuff on Saturday and Bonfante/SCBB on Sunday. Well, turns out PGA isn't open until Saturday so we will have to brave the crowds. UGH!!!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Due to work concerns, we've had to cancel any major trips we had planned this summer (our contract is up for renewal this year, and if we lose the contract, burning through a few grand on summer vacations is going to really come back and bite us in the bum). Our initial summer was going to have Cedar Point, Geauga Park, King's Dominion, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg in it, but, alas, it's not gonna happen.


The one trip we haven't cancelled ('cause we can't) is a trip to Atlanta in three weeks. A friend's getting married (at the Atlanta Renaissance Fair - yeah, I know), so while we're there we're going to hit up Six Flags Over Georgia (and catch a Nine Inch Nails concert). I'm going to go ahead and get a Season Pass, since we'll be back in Atlanta at the end of the summer for a geek-convention (Dragon-Con - where else can you see Stormtroopers wandering the streets?).


Apart from that and a possible journey up to (ugh) Carowinds, looks like it's going to be a slow, slow summer.

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Taking our boat up to the Cedar Point Marina and spending Saturday / Sunday at the park.


Then Im going to go Mon-Tues (maybe subtract one of those days and go Wed depending on weather) during the morning/day to take advantage of my work scheduale and no one being at the park.

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Next weekend going to Parc Asterix for the 1st time with group of friends and visiting a massive fair in Paris called Foire Du Trone in the evening and few hours at Jardin d'Acclimatation on the Sunday.


Weekend after - 2 day's at Oakwood, On the Sunday supporting a group doing a charity ride on Megafobia for the day.


Weekend after Trip to Gulliver's Warrington/Camelot on the Saturday and Sunday at Alton Towers.


If not all wacked out from those's, the weekend after


5 Days around the Netherlands visiting Attractiepark Slagharen, Walibi World, Efteling, Drievliet Family Park & Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

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This is also my old free weekend (and did it feel good to do absolutely nothing!). The rest of the month I'm busy.


May 7-8: Dorney/Hershey/Mother's Day


May 14-15: Dollywood (not doing the Con)


May 21-22: Wildwood or SFGAd (if KK is opened by then)


May 28-30: New Hampshire coastering


June 4-5: Cypress Gardens, IOA, BGT


I can't wait until the winter returns so I can take a vacation!

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This is the only trip I have planned for this summer. I have never been to any of the parks that I'm going to. I need to start planning my fall/winter trips.


Kennywood 5/29

Knoebels 5/30

Hershey Park 5/31

Dorney Park 6/1


SFA 6/3

PKD 6/4

BGW 6/5

PC 6/7

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For May I am going to be here.


Cedar Point Opening day....6 days away! can we say DRAGSTER? LOL!


May 28th I will be at Geagua Lake.


May 29th I will be at KW.

Coaster Crazy if you want to meet up with a few other weird enthusiasts feel free to PM me, and we can meet you somewhere in the park.



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Well, I'm headin' up to Cedar Point next Sunday for the summer so that is an obvious one. I might try and go to Fun Spot on one of my days off, but most of my time off is going to be dedicated to going to practice and qualifications (and the race of course) for the Indy 500.

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Im still in school for the next 2 weeks.. but Its only mon and wed. So every weekend I have a trip.

Next weekend im going to Canobie Lake (trip 2 this year)

The weekend after im going to MFI SFDL(first time back in 5 years).. I wanted to go to seabreeze but they wont be open yet. And then im going to SalyvnBeach or whatever...

the weekend after trhat im going to Jeepers Adventurland and Rye Playland..

The weekend after that is the holiday weekend.. I think ill stay home...

The weekened after that is Coastertrek... 80 coasters in one week...

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I'll be headin up to PKD and BGW the 22nd and the 27th respectively.


(damn SheiKra for opening the day after we leave for Virginia )


Other than that, nothing besides a trip here and there to BGT and Sea World.

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Our big trip for the month is out to Cedar Point along with other parks. We leave on May 21st for Detroit where we go to Hard Rock Cafe and take in a Tiger's game (do ballparks count as parks ?) Michigan's Adventure is next for a couple days (Satuday night and Sunday). We leave for Cedar Point Monday afternoon, hopefully we get there for a night ride on Millenium, or TTD! On Thursday we leave for Cleveland to take in an Indians game, Rock 'n Roll HoF, and Hard Rock Cafe. We stay at Geauga Lake on Thursday night and go there on Friday! Saturday we're back to Detroit to visit family and go home Sunday 5/30. Memorial day we are back home in San Jose.


That's our trip.

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The only thing we want to do for sure this month is a visit to Knoebel's. If Hydra is open, we'll also stop at Dorney on our way to Philadelphia to see Porcupine Tree and get our credit. Other than that, it's pretty much a park-free schedule for us until Europe...



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