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Help Robb & Elissa Name KidTums!


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Katherine = Katie= KT = KidTums


This is the only acceptable name.

Dude!!!! DUDE!!!! DUDE!!!!


That is EXACTLY what I said...but Elissa said no!


--Robb "Scared that Wes wants to name his kid exactly what I want to name mine!" Alvey

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Katherine = KT = KidTums would be perfect but if Elissa said no then its no.


My suggestions:


- Melissa Alvey

- Samantha Alvey

- Lilian Alvey


and some in spanish:


- Cristina Alvey

- Lourdes Alvey

- Maria Fernanda Alvey

- Maria José Alvey


Congrats again.


Joel "Hope to meet KidTums at Epcot next year" Saury


PS: You will be able to get the elussive "Joel pic credit" cause by then you will have your kid

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KidTums is a girl!


*Sigh* No Ryan for R&E. Do you know how many people will be disappointed? I hope the doctors are wrong, and you have to re-decorate the room you decorated all girly into a boys room.


Anyway, i agree with the fact that there will be more girls.

OK! Lets get naming!


Natalie Alvey

Bridie Alvey

Zara Alvey

Lucy Alvey

Rebecca Alvey

Sora Alvey - A personal favourite.

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This really isn't an entry, but here are the top 10 female names in 2005 according to Wikipedia:


1.) Emily

2.) Emma

3.) Madison

4.) Abigail

5.) Olivia

6.) Isabella

7.) Hannah

8.) Samantha

9.) Christina

10.) Ashley



I haven't met anyone with those names! (except Ashly)



But I also think Jessica is good.



EDIT: You'd think I'm from Holland the way I spell (No offense to any Dutch people you guys ROCK! Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Maeslandkering storm surge barrier, Vekoma)

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haha if you name you kid Katie you will be naming it after me. j/k. I always wanted a girl, but that really isn't possible for me, so you can have my name that I picked out.


Isabella (Izzy) Rochelle Alvey

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Heres some suggestions, don't know if you'll like any but its worth a try


Belladonna Marice Alvey

Cynthia Denise Alvey

Emily Breanne Alvey

Heather Marie Alvey

Lindsey Nicole Alvey

Lisa Nicole Alvey


Sorry if that was too many, had a whole bunch of thoughts and ideas


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