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What weird thing happened to you today?


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This was last sunday while I was working at Panera.


I had some creepy Asian kid that looked like he was 16 or so by himself, picking up his food. He kinda had this creepy vibe to him, but I didn't know why.


Ten minutes later I was sent on break, I had my food then walked over to the EB Games next door. I was looking at DS games until suddenly I see the creepy Asian kid playing on the Xbox 360 demo stand. He was playing this one pretty-looking "Asteroids" like game and it was a timed demo... for about 2 minutes I heard;




And then, when the last seconds were near, he counted down REALLY loud...




Remind me again why I stay away from anime-club nerds...

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I got this email today:


Hello, I am raisa. I am 26 years old and now I am looking for my

second half. He should be responsible, intelligent and cute. I think

that I am looking for you... And what do you think about it? I am

waiting for your opinion:


It then has a link to some girls site.


Raisa, you should have taken that left at Albuquerque!


3 problems:


1. You are spamming me and trying to get in my wallet

2. I'm gay

3. I don't pickup via the internet


No wonder you ended up in my junk email box... as it should be.

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