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What weird thing happened to you today?


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I was walkng out of FYE (a game and music store too overpriced) today and the alarm kept going off becasue there was a lot of people there. SOme african american woman with an attitude starts yelling it's not her setting off the alarm and she isn;t going into the stor becasue the associate was asking to demagnatize her bag. I had to keep myself from laughing my head off at this woman because she was acting like a stereotypical black lady with an attitude.

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my Government and Politics teacher starts taking the pi$$ out of me purely because i hadn't answered a question from him in a piece of homework, even though i done the rest.


he asks me why i didntdo it and i said 'Saturday i was revising for my AS Level Psychology exam this thursday and on sunday i was doing Photography coursework wich has to be fully completed within the next 3 weeks.'


he takes complete offence to my having oursework from other lessons as well as A Levels and says im worthless.



wtf is up with that?

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Today I got to ride one of these bad boys down 2 flights of stairs at work. I volunteered to attend an emergency training class so I can help out when things get all chaotic and the alarms go off which happens almost never.


But I was surprised the trainer let us ride it, I thought they would just show us how it was used. It was pretty interesting, now I just have to figure out a way to count it as a coaster credit


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Today I found out that I have the flu and it isn't letting up. To make things worse, second semester starts Wednesday, four out of my seven classes are completely new, two out of the remaining three are at different times, and I don't know if I'll be better yet. AND I have the lead role in a one-act play that is performing Thursday and Friday. Ugh.

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