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What weird thing happened to you today?


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I beat my friend (who's really really really good at basketball) in a game called 21. It's fun. It's extremely hard to beat him because he can make me lose all my points (what little that I have) very easily. If you've ever played 21 you'll know why.

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I feel sorry for you.


This actually happened yesterday, but nevermind.


So, I was on my way to school, I had to wait somewhere for 25mins. because of bad buss conections, I obviously went to the nearby-located small 'shopping center', I sat on a bench, and thought of what I should do.

Then after a minute a random 40 something? year old guy sat behind (there are benches with the backsupport against each other). He started talking very fast, said multiple times that:-Do you know what?, then I simply said: no, and he said ok, I'll tell you.

Then he ie. babbled about the price difference for 12-packs of beer in different stores, and about how good and how much that shopping center has changed in 10 years, and lots more about shops and their area, he just seemed to love them. He talked for about 5 mins total, then suddenly he said alright, bye and left within a second, it was all a bit weird as was he, but also quite funny in the end.

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A lady came to the service desk at Meijers (supercenter style store) and wanted to return 4 candy bars - one half eaten.


3 Butterfingers and 1 Baby Ruth.


She claimed that her Butterfinger had worms. Yea. There was a small hole in the bar, probably just an air bubble during the cooling of the chocolate, and claimed it was a worm hole.


Then she claimed that since all the candy bars were on sale, that they all must have come from the same batch and thus were all infected with worms.



Old ladys are crazy, crazy people. If I ever get that senile - shoot me please.

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