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What weird thing happened to you today?


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I couldn't eat my corn dog at school. I got the thing under my tongue that holds it to the bottom of your mouth clipped, so now I can stick it straight out. It hurt like heck when I ate, swollowed, and even yawned.


Oh, and we finished watching March of the Penguins. That movie is incredibly boring. And also, someone in my class fell flat on her face when she got hit by a dogeball. I asked her how much it hurt on a scale of 1 - 10, and she said 10.

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Uh...... Let's see. I nearly got run over by a car!


Me and my dad were in a Vons parking lot checking out a brand new Saturn Sky. (My dad is thinking about getting one). The next thing I know, my dad picks me up and spins me in a circle. He starts yelling,"STOP! STOP!". This tan Honda Accord is backing up right into the planter by the parked car! She continues to back up, getting closer and closer to me, and my dad keeps yelling,"STOP, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!". He picks me up again, dragging my feet though the plants as this Asian girl is driving through them! After coming about 6 inches from running over my legs, she puts it in drive. She then goes flying out of the planter and off the curb, laughing!!!! I was soooooooo pissed! I started screaming,"ARE YOU LAUGHING!!!!!!! DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!" She just turned, smiling at us like a Barbie, and drove away!


All of the sudden, this teenager yells,"I'm so sorry! She's Asian!" He runs over to me, and procedes to tell me that she works at Vons, and was just getting off her shift! After making sure I was alright, he asked my dad to please speak to her supervisor and let him know what happened. When my dad asked why, the teenager said,"We all hate her! We've been trying to get her fired since she started working here!" I could not believe it! Anyway, we did not speak to the supervisor, but we will be returning to Vons later to speak to her!


I will post again after we talk to her, and let everyone know what she has to say for herself!

----Antonio" "G.

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My mom picked out a set of pots for Christmas [not a very exciting present, but she really wanted them] and I let her open them early since she was so excited about them. She opened the box and in the bottom she found an old crusty pot!!!! It had to have been at least a few years old..it was all scratched and stained. Someone probably bought the set, traded one of the new pots for their old crusty one and returned the set to the store. Gross.

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Glad you're okay!


Let us know what happens!




Here goes!


A few hours after nearly getting run over, I called Vons to see if our little friend had returned. Sure enough, she had, so I asked to speak with her right then and there. I started by saying, "Do you drive a tan Honda Accord with a faded and scratched "God Bless America" bumper sticker?". She was dead silent!!!! After a few seconds, she replied with,"Uh...No, NO! I drive a red Honda Civic!". I told her thank you and hung up. Then my dad and I got in the car and drove to Vons.


As we were walking in, the teenager from a few hours before stopped us. He said that he had confronted her and she denied that she knew anything! He also told us that she changed her story twice! Then he asked if we were there to tell on her and get her fired. We said that we were only there to give her an earfull and see what she had to say for herself.


As soon as we walked in, she saw us. She looked like a deer in the headlights! She had no idea what to do, so she turned her back on us. We hurried over to her and my dad said that he needed to talk to her ASAP. About 1 min. later, she and her supervisor approached us. She was biting her bottom lip, rubbing her arms, and stammering and stuttering like an idiot. My dad looked her in the eyes and said, "Do we look familiar to you?". She replied," Uh..Um..Yeah." Then my dad asked,"Do you know why we are here?". After staring at us with that dumbfounded look for a while, she said,"I think so.". Then I spoke up with,"It really upset me that you nearly ran me over and did not even acknowledge me. Not only that, you almost hit a parked car! You didn't even care!" She stammered, then stated,"I was looking behind me. I really was! I was uh... uh...". "You were laughing! That's what you were doing!" I said. Then she got really defensive and snapped," I was NOT laughing!" I said, "Yes you were". She snapped,"Was not!"! At this point, I was finished talking to her. She rubbed her arms and bit her lip some more while my dad talked to her about the fact that she needed to be alot more careful when driving, especially around the holidays, when everyone is in a rush. Anyway, she apologized!


Hopefully she will be a more careful driver now! (I really doubt it).

----Antonio"That's the story!"G.


P.S. My dad said more to her about being more cautious, ECT. I just thought my post was long enough!

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Well this wasn't today but... here we go. I rode a Mercedes Benz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I was over the moon. SAT NAV, heated seats on three levels, electric controlls for the seat, built in DVD player, air conditioning and heating for every seat in the car, masive boot, great suround soud HiFi system!! OMG there is more but OMG I was in aw! This was the best car ever. Big jump from a stupid Vauxhal Corsa SRI to a C Class!!! Holy poop I was wow. Anyway keep em coming!

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I deal with airport premises liability claims all day. Everyday is a rewarding experience into the quality of Americans that roam this great country.


Fell over your own suitcase? Sue the airport! Walked into a wall while looking for your gate? Sue the airport! Slipped while running to catch your flight because you we drunk in the bar? Sue the airport......oh the list goes on and on and on.......

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