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What's the worst song you ever heard?...

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Lots of songs

A Bay Bay- Hurricane Chris...It was fun for a while but now it is pretty old

This Is Why I'm Hot - MIMS...hip hop id dead because of this stupid song

Amusement Park - 50 Cent...pretty good beat but it is the sequel to Candy Shop



But the worst song ever is Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. That song is so stupid and sounds like a 10 year old wrote the chorus

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^Theres a lot of good rap songs out today. The only problem is that they don't get played because its not "cool" or whatnot. Its not really not a fair statement to say pretty much all of rap and hip hop

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^ When I was your age, the Bay Area was known for Exodus, Testament, Legacy, etc. Why can't we live in those days again?


But to answer the question of the topic itself, just about any gangsta rap and contemporary country (with a very select few exceptions in either genre) pretty much turn my stomach.


The very few rap and country artists I can tolerate were all charting in the 70s and 80s. Most artists of these two genres that have recorded since those days, meh ( x 6546516546 ).

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I hate everything and anything associated with that horrible crap called Kidz Bop. Sure, it's kids singing, but what does it add? Does it make it more 'kid friendly'? Does it scar them making them think that if a song isn't redone by kids with superannoying high pitched voices is horrible?


Plus, they completely RUIN every single song that it in existence. Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5, How to Save a Life by The Fray, etc. And can't the kids listen to the normal lyrics, it's not like they'll figure it's okay to say the F-word because they heard it in a song. They won't walk up to their mom and say "I don't want to clean my f***ing room!". Plus, it'll make them more used to the words so that when they are in high school, they won't be going "Ooooooh... You said the D-Word!"


Wow. I rant so much. But then again, I REALLY hate Kidz Bop.

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