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Video of Arrow's suspended coaster prototype

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I was looking around on youtube when I came across this interesting video


It's Arrow Dynamics Marketing Director Jim Sheldon discussing the suspended coaster prototype. The clip is from 1979 and has video of a scale model suspended coaster doing a corkscrew. It also has footage (including pov) of a full sized model built without banked turns.


It's an interesting video if only for Jim Sheldon's radical 'stash

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I know they didn't have near the programs that we have availabe today, but it just boggles my mind that they weren't bright enough to bank the track on the prototype, as well as the Bat at PKI. To me, it just seems like common sense that banking the track will reduce stress on the train. Whatever.


That's a pretty cool video though. Thanks.

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The reason suspended coasters never came with corkscrews is that the velocity required to flip the entire weight of the trains over the track was immense, and there was always the dangerous possibility of the trains not making it over (and collapsing on themselves and riders)


Too bad...that's why we have B&M Inverted coasters like Batman for the below-the-track inverting coaster. Leave poor beleaguered Ninja alone.

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That version of POV music was at one stage the theme tune for the Saturday afternoon sports show called Grandstand that has run on the BBC since 1958. If you go to http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tv_and_radio/grandstand/3745967.stm and click on watch opening credits you'll see we still use it today although modernised a tad. At one stage it was completely changed and the public outcry lead to it's return.

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