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Launch day is near! PS3/Wii-kend Launches.


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Friday November 17th- PlayStation 3

For those of you living underground;



$599- full unit with nearly every feature.

$499- basic unit, not really that good.


PlayStation 3 is Sony's heavily hyped machine that relies off one feature other than good graphics, the Blu-Ray disc player. Blu-Ray is nothing more but HD-DVD, but with extra memory on the disc. Also has an "innovative" SIXAXIS controller and PS3/PSP interactivity (sound similar to the whole GCN/GBA innovation thing?). Anywho, the PS3 sounds like a great machine that has nothing new going for it except for graphics. The price is the big downfall though.


Sunday November 19th- Nintendo Wii

Sony fans think its a penis joke, "Wii" call it refreshing.



$249.99- full unit, comes with a free game (Wii Sports).


Wii is Nintendo's next gen entrance that is also extremely hyped for Nintendo's new approach to gaming, innovation over gameplay. The Wii has an innovative controller that uses numerous gyroscopes that follows your every motion. Nintendo Wii also has a virtual console, that has a vast library of old games from the NES to N64. A number of hyped up titles are on way for the Wii in 2007.


So, what are you going to wait for on launch day?


I would get the Wii, however I don't have the time to wait in line and most of the good titles don't come out til 2007. I seriously want to play the Wii at least once though, I'm waiting for demo stations at stores for gods sake...

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I'm sending my girl out to get my Wii for me on sunday. I can't wait to get my Ray Man on!


I'm waiting on a Cost-Co bundle for the PS3. The launch titles are pretty weak, for me anyway. Anything coming out soon I'd like to play I can get for the 360 now, with better online service.


It seems like to only reason to wait out in the cold for a ps3 is for re-sellers or the guys from http://www.smashmyps3.com. Man, I can't wait for that video next weekend!.


I believe the Wii-mote actually uses 3 accelerometers rather than gyroscopes to sense movement. Less moving parts I guess.


I've already got my Wii organizer stand, my Wii-mote comfort grip gloves, the limited edition Wii dog tags and lapel pins, AND I just went out and got my Wii TATTOO!!!! Who is more awesome now?!?!



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1stly PS3 is very expensive just so you get blue ray, and thats going to plop like mini disks and UMDs, everyone has just brough all there fav films on DVD who wants to buy them all again?


2 it pushies less polys than the 360 and its like 2 years newer so thats just rubbish.


It has also lost alot of develipers off from all its lies about releise and when it did come out it woz japan only and only 100k relised, considering PS has always done well becauce it had a strong following it might not do so great this time around and all it comes down to is how many R-tards buy it


The wii is cheap and offers new thrills, i think it will do well

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I might eventually get a Wii. PS3 is probably doubtfull.


But if I get either it won't be for awhile. I'm happy with my Xbox360.


Plus I never buy consoles at launch anymore. Every console will have some degree of bugs in the first versions. It's better to wait a year so that they can work the kinks out. Better to do that then to have a launch console which becomes a $600 paperweight.

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I have a Wii preordered and will pick it up on Sunday, along with Metal Slug Anthology and ExciteTruck.

I was convinced I was going to buy a PS3 but there are no games I want for it and MGS4 won't be out for at least a year (hopefully by then the price will have gone down by at least $100). Plus, the first batch will probably fail from overheating anyway.

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I picked up a WiiVD at BestBuy yesterday to see what more gameplay footage it has. Still haven't watched it yet but the whole Wii console seems promising. I was talking to some of my gamer friends earlier and they agree that the PS3 is extremely expensive, mainly because of the Blu-Ray and Hi-Def outputs. Those are useless to me as I don't have a hi-def TV neither do I need one.

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I'll have to wait for ages for the PS3 to come out in the UK, Wii is getting launched on the 8th Dec.


I ordered a Jap "limited Edition" DS Lite for £120 inc a web broswer and a mp3 and mp4 player which takes SD cards which fits into the DS "Lite".


I will get a PS3 but won't pay more than £350 for one.

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I have a ps2 but Im going to skip the ps3 because its just too much money. I reckon Sony have shot themselves in the foot with it. Besides, history shows no-one has lasted more than two console generations at the top. Unless Im mistaken, which does happen from time to time.


Im not getting a 360, cos to be honest Im getting bored with playing the same games as before only with better visuals. Seems creativity is taking a back seat to the guaranteed sell these days. It was always gonna happen but it seems to be stifling the original ideas more. Or are the ideas just running out?


Thats why I will probably get a Wii (if I buy from this generation at all). It may not be a powerhouse, but its offering a new(ish) way to interact with games. Its refreshing and thats just what I need these days.


Besides, Ive still to complete over half of my ps2 games

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I'll probably get the Wii and either the PS3 and 360 but not for a while (year or more). I feel both systems are overpriced (Wii is over $300 with the cost of the extra neccessary controllers) and I'm satisfied with PS2, XBox, Gamecube, PSP and DS. Every new release game I want this year is either available on a system I already have (Tony Hawk Project 8) or is only coming out for the older systems like Thrillville.

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I preordered the Wii and good old ArrowFanMan will be picking it up for me on Sunday since I'll be on a cruise! Although, I will also have one Friday since Robb is cool and stuff.


I'm trying to decide if it might be amusing enough to try and wait all night and get a PS3 just to sell it the next day. But then again, it seems like all the people I know trying to get a PS3 are doing it for that same reason! No one actually wants one to play, just to try and resell it! I almost wonder if there will be a surplus of them on Ebay!

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I hope to get a Wii sometime before Christmas. I can't wait in line for it (however much I want to), as I have our closing night for drama on Saturday, as well as a cast party. I may go by our closest Best Buy to see if there is a line, and if there isn't, I'll wait for opening and pick one up (I'll do this if there's a short line as well), but if there's a long line, then there's no chance that I'd get one, so I wouldn't bother.

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Sony is pathetic!!!


Big and pretty realistic looking now rumor is 200k PS3s in USA this Friday



I still have not seen any Game on PS3 that even looks great (let alone is great)

These guys are crazy camping out for just under 2 weeks



I think Sony is very arrogant in thinking that Blu-ray is the new end all in media.


VHS was basically THE mainstream movie format for over 20 years.

DVDs have been the leader for about 6 years now and These company's think that people are gonna ditch their DVDs for BR or HDDVDs when less than 5% of households have the TV to actually display these disc to their fullest extent.




quite appropriate

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Wii just looks like a massive gimmick, so I'll be getting my 360 on the 25 of December along with Rainbow 6 Las Veags and Test Drive Unlimmited. i wanted a PS3 but theres not enough exclusives and my pearents say its to expensive.

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Well im pissed, iwait FOREVER to bve emailed by wallmart for their wii preordrs, then i find out they're only going to preorder them in $530 bundles. Ugh, looks liek im waiting in line this sunday.


*clears plans*


I really have faith in nintendo though. I stopped really playing videogames ages ago, yet im going to be in line launch day to get a Wii. They got atleast one customer back.


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