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So im custom building a desktop online, and they have so many damn choices that Im completely lost.......


I need some opinions..and advice on what to pick, since i dont know much about them and the differences between them..


Alright the choices im confused about are


Processor: Intel or AMD


Media Card: Nvidia or ATI


Windows XP PRO or Media Center


what is lightscribe technology?..



any help would be nice...


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I'm partial to AMD



nVIDIA is my personal choice



Depends what you want to do. For most cases, just go with XP Pro

I have XP x64 on my desktop, but I don't think it's ready for mainstream with the number of programs that run on it (or rather, lack thereof)



You probably won't need it. A Sharpie will do just fine

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Truthful "Get A Mac" post.




Sorry just bitter my motherboard randomly took the piss less than a year old.


I'm partial to AMD (runs cooler, can overclock easily, cheaper to purchase)

nVidia (ATI cards always seem to give me troubles)

Pro (but not certain if you would have a need for any of the media center functions)


(Posting this from my macbook )

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I'm partial to AMD (runs cooler, can overclock easily, cheaper to purchase)


Has something changed recently? I always remember AMDs running much hotter than Intel's.


My personal preferance is Intel, ATI, Pro.


But really you can't go wrong either way.


But if you don't know much about computers then why are you getting a custom built PC?

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I would think it depends on what you're gonna use the computer for. Games? Video Editing or graphics? Entertainment center?


Since AMD and ATI merged, those product probably should be purchased together if you decide to go that route. Right now Intel is doing a little catch up with AMD, so AMD may be worth looking into.


My last box I built had an AMD processor and a NVidia card and i had no problems with it. Of course that was years ago. I gave that machine away to a friend who didn't have a PC. For what use use my machines for now, I own two laptops now (Dell desktop replacement and a powerbook) as well as a mac mini (entertainment center) connected to a 42inch flat screen TV and a powermac (my old machine before i got a laptop) and I'm going to buy a new macbook pro so I can just carry around one laptop. I use Microsoft development products for windows and web development (and a few games) on my Dell and I do my web surfing and personal computing on my mac. I may buy a refurbished Mac Pro to replace my desktop, although that's a low priority since I use my laptops more.


I probably wouldn't use Media Center unless you are going to use your machine as such. You probably could get away with XP home if you don't need to connect to a windows server or a corporate network. Otherwise XP Pro is the way to go... I would wait on any upgrades to Vista until you make sure they have all the version one bugs shaken out. And your head will spin at all the versions of Vista you have to sort through to see which version you need.


I would also make sure you have at least a gig of memory to start. I'm pretty sure one you get to Vista you'll need extra RAM.


If nothing else, make sure you get a bit more than you need; that way your computer won't get obsolete as quickly. If you are an avid game player make sure you get the best and fastest video card; this will be the first thing that will get obsolete on your machine.


If you use a lot of games, then definitely go Windows. If you do graphics or video editing I would look at a mac. I know a lot of people bash them, but i like mine and i converted my two roommates to use them: one bought a mac book and does videos and slide shows on DVD and the other took the mac mini downstairs and replaced his entertainment center with it (when remodeled the house) and use it to web surf and chat more than his computer in his room (he also loves the fact no one knows he has a computer in the room because it's so small).

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