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Deep Valley 2: Curse of Geboldi Lake |RCT3|

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Sorry for the "slow" updates, next week, it'll pick up. alot.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Update 6

May, 2023


The jewel of the park will be Dive Machine.


I can already here the people hanging off the edge, staring down into Geboldi Lake.


It's a mostly new ride, we got about half of the pieces from some coaster in southern Florida.


We also got half of a tower complex from a park in Sandusky.


The other steel coaster, Racer, will surely be popular.


With two towering supports that run up the side of the hotel.


We also got a revolution!


Just a couple weeks until we open our doors..


I still don't understand why nothing is growing, IT'S MAY!


Maybe they're just slow.


See you at the opening!


Next Week: I unleash the curse...

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Update 7

June 6th, 2023


Here we are, the grand opening day of Geboldi Lakeside Resort!


I hope everything's ready...


- - - - - - - - - - - -

Hello, it's Lydia. The park is full today, the perfect time to unleash the curse.

The dead tree's... they will work as fuel.


The first ride of the day...


The track, destroyed.


The riders, nowhere to go but where the track takes them... Just like that night so many years ago.


But I was generous to this group, I kept them in a physical medium.



Meeting their end, on my land.


What's this?


And let the trees do what they were planted to do..


I'm sorry.


And they will all feel the power the valley holds.


They, as well.


Oh, hello again. Theresa and I are about to take our first ride on Racer!


See you after the ride.

VIDEO: http://www.coaster101.com/videos/dv2video2small.wmv

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Update 8

June 6th, 2023


My curse ravages on.


It will not let go until I tell it to.


Seat restraints are a good thing, they have gotten alot better since the '60's.


I'm glad Intaride has made their restraints so that it is near-impossible to get out, or escape.





It must be a rush, hanging over the edge.


Being able to see what's ahead.


Falling off the edge.


Some brave souls tried to jump in, only to be pulled under by the force.


Some struggled, but they had nowhere to go.


Until everything went black...


Alright, Theresa, here we go!


And they, too, about to meet their end.


"See you at the end of the ride"

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I soooooo want to go on that dive machine,



I actually feel sorry for the peeps on the dive machine and the water ride, considering who they are probably going to run into at the bottom. I am actually feeling like the zombie will jump out at me as I type this!

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Update 9

June 6th, 2023


Why June 6th? Why have I picked these dates for all of the curse "dates". It was the day I lost my parents to the valley.


The park's managers are on this train.


They've made a nice park... Just on the wrong land.











But I'm not done yet.


I still have to burn Geboldi Lakeside Resort to the ground.




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