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Deep Valley 2: Curse of Geboldi Lake |RCT3|

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Update 3

June 6th, 1703


Dear Journal,

This is my first entry, I just received you as a gift from moma, it's really cool.


Well, my name is Lydia Ratherson, my family and I just moved into this house in a massive valley.


There's a huge waterfall and everything, it's great.


I love to swim underneath it on hot summer days.


We're a happy family.


Until next time,






It was a peaceful afternoon when they came


Father and momma were preparing dinner, I was swimming in the pond when I heard the screams.


It happened so quickly.


My parents, gone forever.



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This is very cool. I love how you keep the anticipation coming but also haow you can relate it events that happened in DV1. So here's my theory: The indians had made a burial site below deep valley thus cursing it forever. It also explains the writing in the cave and on the deep valley sign.



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Update 4

June 6th 1703 and beyond


I was left alone, forgotten, no one knew I existed...


But my parents would want me to take back what's mine...


I researched my father's old books, curses, spells, reading for days and days at a time...


I found the perfect curse to protect my valley from outsiders...

" Anyone, whom chooses to crossover, cut into, or go through this valley, will be sentenced to eternal death"


I spent days, digging caverns throughout the valley, writing this phrase everywhere, so anyone who chose to intrude upon this valley would suffer...


The valley was then mine, I had total control


I ripped the tree's from there roots, any intrusion into the valley's land would result in any vegetation dying. Maybe this would warn the curse's victims...


I might have lost my parents, but I will stay alive until I release this curse, when I feel it is right.


Goodbye... for now.




Next Update: Geboldi Lakeside Resort Construction

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^ Hey man, patience would be cool. But sorry for the delay.

Update 5

May, 2023


Hello, I'm Herald Geboldi and this is my wife, Theresa.




We are the owners of this great park. Yes, after all of what the industry has been through, Geboldi still manages to open a park.


But some odd things have been happening lately...


Geboldi Headquarters has had to send in security guards because of pieces of the park being "changed" during the night.


The surrounding area is pretty bare, when we bought the land, all they said about it was that there had been a terrible plane crash.


Yes Herald, but another thing, all of the vegetation is dead, we've tried numerous times and it won't grow.


And construction crews that have occasionally worked overnight swore that they heard a roaring sound coming from the lake.


Ah, well, it's probably just us nervous about the opening. All of the rides here are used, from other parks that have closed down. They were dirt cheap.


Except we had to buy a few new pieces for the waterride.


Yes, I'm sure it will make a splash...


See you next week as we inch towards the grand opening!

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wow! looks like The Geboldi's are gonna make its park all new!

and need to let the curses go out of the park since lots of bad things

seem to have been happening like plane crash.


we really need to help the park!


great job on this story! i've got to see why does its park really need

to be renovated into a brand-new park.




thanks for your great storyline. that was really cool!

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