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Deep Valley 2: Curse of Geboldi Lake |RCT3|

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Please go back to Deep Valley Amusement Park (link in first post) if you have not seen it yet, or none of this will make sense.


Update 1

April 13th, 2021


Waterfalls... I miss them, it's all that we had...


It was nice to look up from behind it...


It's what lies beneath that can sometimes harm us...


Oh, hello again, sorry for my nonsense talk.


I'm always drawn back here...


It's not like I really have any other choice.



Everything's gone, it was a few years ago...


It seemed only to take a few minutes to burn the abandoned Rocksville to the ground.


Sad really


And now they're building a blasted theme park on the banks of the valley, or "Geboldi Lake".


I guess you can't blame them though, alot has happened since 2006.


The amusement industry has collapsed over the last decade, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Universal, Disney, they've all gone bankrupt, closed, sold out. Geboldi Wild Safari, Dollywood, Holiday World, with the record number of coasters, 6, are the only remaining theme parks left.


This will be the first park to open since 2009. It will be interesting to see how it does, sitting atop a curse.


Until next time...

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Thanks for the replies everybody!


Great story line! Its sad to here that the American (if not the world) park industrys closed and only the smaller parks are left. Well, its all part of the story line, and I hope this comes out to be a dangerous park!


I don't think you'll be too dissappointed.

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Update 2

April 13th, 2021


Bring back any memories?


It does for me...


It seems like yesterday, that warm night...


Now it's a piece of rotting wood...


At the bottom of Deep Valley


Meeting its slow death


And then the boating incident...


A few years back, two teens took a boat onto the lake...


and were never seen again.


I know what happened. I know why all of this has happened, I know who has done this.


I have something for you, a journal, from someone close to me.


It's uhh.. well, it's up to you to take on this story from now on. We might meet up again in the future... so long

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