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EVENT: Green Beer and Cheer 2

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He folks, Although the Green Beer and Cheer event held in the Bay Area last year wasn’t anything huge by any means, I was asked if I was going to put something together for next year because the folks that went this year had a blast. Details are still being worked out. But all and all it’s pretty simple. Just be in Vegas for St Patty’s Day, and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


There are already 11 people total confirmed for this event.


If you would like to post questions, thoughts or ideas for this event, go ahead and post them here. Just as an FYI, there already is a thread dedicated to this topic on another forum. You can view that at http://www.brainville.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=410


And same as last year, due to the adult nature of this event, 21 and older only please.


This is information from this year’s event http://www.brainville.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=175


I tried looking up a trip report from this year, but the photos aren’t coming up.


Hope you can come and join us all. A special beer from Weiss Ass Brewing will be available at this event.


Thanks, Wally

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Count me in!


Are we gonna get a place to crash? Jacuzzi suite at MGM? Will strippers be part of the fun? Hooter's Hotel. I can take up to three other people in my car. We can stop at stateline and ride Antonio Banderas. Are we gonna whore ourselves out and get the few kiddie credits that are about town?


So many questions, too few answers.


I'm in?

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^ Yes to all of the above!


I am personally hosting the kiddie coaster "Whore Tour Extravaganza". I'm pretty tight with the functional that works at Peter Piper Pizza, I plan on distracting him with a shiny balloon so you guys can get a walkback.


I also want to try a backflip off of the lifthill into the ball pit, however as always any park perks are subject to change/getting kicked out.


I can't wait to get back on 'tonio. I like the first left turn with the 3 sharp, jarring transitions through the bank, whooo!!



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