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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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The hulk at IOA. I had to ask the ride operator to switch me to another car though. Why? Well I had a express pass to get on the ride so I took the second to the back row (and I would be the first on the train in that row), one of the ride operators comes up and tells me that she wanted two other people, both fat to go on first. And I looked at her like "I just express passed my way on... what's the deal?"


Anyway when we all got on, now I was between the two fat people and another big guy.... I couldn't move and both their elbows were at my throat... not a good thing when the coaster starts hitting those turns. I'm not high maintenance, but you want to at least to enjoy the ride without getting hit by the person next to you; so I ask the ride operator to release the restraints so I can catch the next train... I said these people are too big and I can't move... The ride operator told me "Get over it". Now I don't know exactly what look I threw him (but I knew I was gonna kill him when I got back to the station), but he called to release the seat. But then I was already p*ssed off. As I got out of the car I said "All you guys need to lose weight". Then they put me in the back.


Now I'm not a little guy (about 186 from weightlifting) but I do have a thing about riding rides and a stranger is so big they are over in your seat. The newer rides are much of a problem, but riding the Loch Ness Monster with a overweight person is. And usually I'll embarrass them after the ride by asking them why did they get in the car with me when they knew by them being overweight they ended up banging me up with every turn. Or I'll just tell them beforehand to wait until then next car because 1) I have long legs and 2) this car is too small for me and a person of your size.


But I guess if that wouldn't have happened I would not have noticed a friend from Ft Lauderdale that I haven't seen in three years in the child swap area. So I guess it ended on a happy note .

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