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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Great White at SWSA a week ago Sunday for it's 25th Birthday.  

(although. . .. I think I may have ridden Wave Breaker just after?   so maybe Wave Breaker)?

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After this trip, here's my Florida top 15 (Mummy was closed and I haven't ridden it in 10 years so I omitted it). 

1. Velocicoaster, 2. Mine Blower, 3. Montu, 4. Kumba, 5. Hulk, 6. Iron Gwazi, 7. Cheetah Hunt, 8. Mako, 9. White Lightning, 10. Manta, 11. Everest, 12. Ice Breaker, 13. Sheikra, 14. Space Mountain, 15. Kraken.

Go ahead and rip it apart. Mine Blower for life. :D

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Beast Mountain Coaster - Killington, VT on Memorial Day.

Despite being a diehard skier for 20 years, this was somehow my first mountain coaster. It was crazier and more of a laugh fest than I imagined it would be and I have to admit I hit the brakes a couple times!

There's a good number of these in New England so I'll definitely be seeking them out.



Don't have any pictures of the layout as it's totally in the woods, but theres a few pops of very unrefined airtime and some good turns with a pretty intense helix near the end.



Summer skiing and then driving a quarter mile down the road to a coaster made for a great day!


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