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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Humorously, Magnum XL 200 at CP! Humorous, in that I'm not the coaster's biggest fan... And in spite of being in the front row, it was a pretty terrible ride experience. I just don't know about this coaster anymore... Sometimes, it's still fun, and I got off enthused! But most of the time now it's lackluster to bad rides on it... Oh well, thankfully there's so many amazing coasters there now, it really doesn't matter whether Magnum is any good!

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Last ride of the night on this beauty, at Coastermania! I actually finished my night with three straight rides on it, the last two without getting off of it.


How much did the restraint tighten after two consecutive rides? Based on how much mine did after each ride, I don't know if I could handle two, haha

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A couple months after our first born was born me and wife rode gatekeeper. She didnt pump the whole day. When we hit the brake run the vests kept getting tighter she was screaming that she couldn't breathe. Now she hates that ride even more then I do lol

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