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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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^ Oooooo that sounds like a really nice thing to have done, today.


It's a bit c-c-c-c-cold where we are, right now.

Hope it's warmer where you were/are, Bert.


the day started in the low 50's and drizzly/overcast (as you can tell in the pic).


it stayed tolerable until the cold front hit San Antonio around 3pm, then temps plummeted to the low 40's and they started shutting down rides (luckily IR stayed running, but the line got long.. after 2 walk ons earlier, we waited almost 35 minutes for our final ride in the front row).


so yeah, no snow, or heavy rain, but cold/wet/drizzly.


still, a good use of the day (I'll have a trip report up shortly with tons of pics of Wonder Woman, which is almost complete (and they were working on today!). . . .all ready to go except for the lift section).

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The last coaster of the year for me and all of my family ended up being Whistle Punk Chaser at Dollywood. Right before that, the last non-kiddie one was Wild Eagle with my son. Sadly wasn't able to get back out to a Holiday in the Park event at Great Adventure or New England before they ended up calling it for weather, but you know what, two days at Dollywood isn't a bad end to the season for us.

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My son just hit the magic 54 inch mark, our last coaster was Silver Bullet at Knotts.

Congratulations to your kid! My little guy has about 3 and a half more inches to go. We're shooting for 52" this year so he can hit most of the best rides at Cedar Point. Steak, broccoli, and milk for days!

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