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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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It looks like my last coaster of the 2016 season (barring anything unforeseen), is Batman: The Ride, at Six Flags Great America on Saturday! It was supposed to be Goliath, in the dark (and hopefully in the back), but by 5:00, my whole group was hungry (because we didn't want to wait in the 30-60 minute long food lines at every single restaurant or food stand that endured the entire day), and were simply tired of the crowds and lines, and we decided to leave the park early. Oh well... We got to ride everything we wanted to, and still had a great time! We'll be back a few times next year with our Memberships now, so I'll make sure to get a night ride on Goliath one of those times!

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Went to Six Flags STL last night and got on what may well be the last 2 rides of the season on The Boss. Back seat on second to last train, as they were down to loading one train at that point, and then stayed on for the last train of the night. One of my favorite rides!

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The Runaway in Branson this afternoon. It was only my second alpine coaster, the first being at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN, this summer. This one is much faster and much more intense. It was fairly slow this afternoon, so I was far enough behind that I could go full speed the whole way, and it really felt wild going that fast. Two double downs produced airtime, and two helices (not a double helix, they're quite a ways apart) produce some pretty extreme laterals. Get down to Branson to ride this!

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