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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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I finally have something to add!


Classic Coaster, Puyallup WA

John A. Miller design originally built as a side friction, then redesigned by Walker LeRoy to accommodate trains from one of Playland's coasters in Vancouver, BC. LeRoy was also involved in designing Playland's legendary Coaster according to ultimaterollercoaster.com.


The ride was recently rebuild section by section and is now completely restored, but still uses 3 old Prior and Church trains. They are colored differently and have silly names; Orn'ry Orange, Ol' Yeller, and Blaz'n Blue. How original! Anyway in my single day experience, the yellow train was noticeably faster than the orange train, and provided more intense airtime and laterals.


I almost feel like I shouldn't be spreading this around, but the trains have no seat belts and a single position bar which sits about 8" above your lap The first time I rode, I thought the ride would be pretty tame considering the lack of safety measures, but was pleasantly surprised as the first real drop gave some nice floaty air thanks to a generous pre-drop



Sorry the picture is so dark, its the best one I have of the top


The train keeps a good amount of speed up to the turn around, and then one of 2 things might happen:


a) You are sitting in the front, and you gently round the bend and speed down the next drop

b) You are sitting in the back, and your car is whipped around the final bend and down the drop so fast you are nearly ejected from your car


Here is a video, this was in the middle of the train and still quite intense



I was taken completely by surprise, and of course my first ride was in the back. I genuinely thought for half a second that I was about to be outside the car. I know it's such a "GP" thing to say, but honestly with the lack of belts and how high the lap bar sits, it was alarming to suddenly be ejected both left and up into the lap bar so hard it hurt my thighs. I haven't ridden any certified "ejector air" coasters, but I'm pretty sure this would qualify.




The rest of the ride is great fun with lots of nice falling/floating air over the drops, and a wicked underbanked final turn into the last set of mini air hills. But nothing ever tops that first drop after the turn around, and that drop kept me coming back to the coaster until closing at 10PM.


Great classic coaster with some honest-to-goodness thrills still left in it.

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