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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Apollo's Chariot- BGW


I've rated this as one of my top three coasters for almost 8 years (since i first rode it....the only time i rode it) and I think I was pretty naive. It was my first coaster that was packed with airtime so i was really impressed at the time. However, over the years I've been on some new coasters (El toro, I305, Maverick, etc) and they've definitely changed my perspective on Apollo's Chariot. Nonetheless, still an amazing ride!

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Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday, and this ride was a little interesting this time;


The ride had just broken down (wasn't surprised at all) and of course they did a test launch. When the train launch, it absolutely flew, even for Kingda Ka! It easily surpassed 135 mph, as it didn't even stay at the crest for half a second and looked like it had some El Toro/Skyrush style airtime up there. Usually, consecutive launches tend to be close in speed (meaning a fast launch is usually followed by another fast launch and same with a slow launch) so when it was our turn we were in for the fastest launch on that ride I've ever experienced.

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"Love to EriKa"

Very weird...


Timberhawk was the last I rode here at Wild Waves on Sat, it was also the first thing I went on. It's much more intense than it looks on tape, and after not riding any coaster for probably 5 years (just got "into" coasters recently) it was quite a rush.

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X2 this past Sunday at Six Flags. First time ride on the front row. I wish there was a smoother way for the cars to rotate, because they get pretty bouncy during the rollovers, but man does the view make up for it on the front row.

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I rode a Wacky Worm (my first!) that Strates Shows travels with at a local fair on Sunday. After the fourth lap, I started becoming concerned the ride would never stop.


But it did.

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