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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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HellCat at Timber Falls in the Dells last weekend. I always remember it being good, but never as good as it is! It was absolutely FLYING through the course. What a fantastic little coaster!


I rode it ( 30 ) times on 08/15/2014. Um.....holy crap. The first ride is always the best. Your legs are fresh and so is your whole body so enjoy the first ride. Now, I've taken that in to consideration as to why I think the ride actually gets faster the more times you ride it. I think the real answer is that the hotter the track gets the faster it gets. Also, weight plays a huge part in the ride experience. Not only the weight, but also the distribution of that weight as often the ( 12 ) man capacity coaster does not always run full. There were times that I thought the train was jumping off the course! It snaps on the turns and thrusts you back and forth in your seat. It's just so #*$*#*@ awesome! Every seat on the ride was awesome and the lines were short. Such a great ride that I hope with some more promotion will lead to more people becoming aware of this great coaster in Wisconsin.

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^ B&M rattle, the train bounces up and down whenever the vertical G force reaches more than 1G. I can stand some of the most extreme lateral bouncing but I'm very sensitive to vertical bouncing because there's no brace position to avoid it.


I would like to question the quality of the newer B&M's, those rattle are seriously getting bad. Even Dragon is smoother than Hair Raiser that day.

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