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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Why the hell is dorney so ignored in this enthusiast world? So many great rides and awesome charm. Plus the best ride operations I've ever seen.

I think talon is a great ride which, in my opinion, still has an old-school feel to it. I also really liked hydra and steel force was great fun. It might not have the impressive collection of rides other parks sort of nearby have (Hershey, for instance) but I still enjoyed it.


That's the thing, although they don't have as great of a selection of coasters, they have tons more flat rides than both great adventure and hershey. They also have three top notch water rides, two drop rides and a full water park free with admission.

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A fast and furious night ride on Boardwalk Bullet. Full train, relentless speeds, airtime just about everywhere you could hope for, and nothing but a quick view of water and then a tangled mess of supports to feast my eyes upon from the back row. And it was even smooth, I mean, uh, not rough!


Oh, wait. I went to SFOT for the weekend. That's right, it was actually NTAG. (I just wanted an excuse to compliment Boardwalk Bullet too.)

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