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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Mean Streak last weekend. Of note, you may have heard it had some work done in the offseason. That little bit of new wood really makes a difference, for like 3 seconds (a moment of buttery smoothness). Even though the work done was pretty limited it was, however, a great place to do some work. That drop had been the ouchiest part of the ride unless you were in the front row imo. I have to imagine a complete retracking would do the coaster justice and be an acceptable option rather than just tearing it down and replacing it entirely or turning it into a steel or hybrid coaster. If completely retracked with the amazing work done these days by GCI, Gravity Group, and RMC, they could get rid of the trims on the 1st drop and let the thing sizzle as it did in 91 (but not painfully!) Even new it was rough, then within 3 years it was absolutely brutal on the 1st drop until they put those trims in (and then it became boring). Charles Dinn, who believed people were not fans of negative Gs, managed to include one moment of airtime in the design, but the thing drags ass so much now you can barely tell. I believe I would enjoy the layout as it is now if it were smoother & faster, with some smarter banking and you could still feel the Gs and enjoy all the headchoppers without being repeatedly concussed.

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Corkscrew in Playland, PNE Vancouver.


I had to convince myself again, that riding it last week

with TPR, AND it riding smoothly, was a fluke.....


It wasn't. Still pretty good. I was surprised.

So congrats to Playland for the upkeep of this Celebrity

Coaster, lol.


Thar she be - Destination 3...... part of It.

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