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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Invertigo at Kings Island on opening day. First time on it, let alone a Vekoma Face-Off coaster. I was surprised at how minimal of headbanging there was (albeit some).


Edit: A photo

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Banshee at around 10:20 Saturday night.....night rides on that thing are awesome and insane!


There was apparently a breakdown at some point in the evening, but the park started cycling trains again around 9:55, then opened Banshee back up so those waiting there (probably about 4-5 trains worth of riders) could still get their night rides in! I thought that was a very gracious move by the park!

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The very last one I rode was a junior boomerang Vekoma on Sunday. But I also rode the brand new Mack megacoaster Alpina Blitz at Nigloland on Saturday and I had a blast. What an awesome airtime filled ride it is !


Junior bommerang


Alpina Blitz @Nigloland, France

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Well after CAD on Friday I can update this. 5 run marathon on Nitro @ SFGAdv including last train of the night.


I must have been on the same train since I rode Nitro 4 times in a row and also was on the last train of the night.

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