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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Lets see, It was Sunday Labor Day weekend. I was still not officially allowed to go back home yet due to Katrina. I was at SF Fiesta.


My options were to work at Fiesta or hang out at the park and ride.


Hmmmm, That was a dificult decision.


I spent Sunday and Monday riding coasters, eating junk food and not thinking about what I had to go home to.


The last coaster I rode was the Rattler.


I do know the history of Rattler and it is on the web for all to see.

I so wish I could have ridden it before the changes were made.

It bounces and throws you so much after the first layer of helix that it makes me laugh that the train is going so slow but yet so rough.

I swear it really makes me laugh!

Now isn't any ride great if it makes you laugh?!?!


I dunno, The first drop,second drop and the drop into and out of the quarry wall are awesome. Thats why I ride it.


O'yeah, Rattler was the last coaster I rode.

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My last coaster of the year was J2 at Clementon Park, New Jersey. My friends are closing out SFA on Sunday. I could go, but no, I'll be eating pills and going to physical therapy Ah, oh well, it'll be spring before we know it! Plus, this is one of my favorite times of year in coasterland - the heavy anticipation of which park is getting which attractions.


Mind Eraser: My Retarded Child


Or my last ride could have been Mind Eraser!


Wild One: This is what I wanted to be my last ride of the year!





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