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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Big Thunder Mountain railroad! Fun, as always, but nothing spectacular, as always, except for that one turn off the second lift, as always.


I also rode Rock 'n' Rollercoaster for the first time! It was a fun experience, with some nice inversions, good laterals, and plenty of changes in direction! Although, there was very little airtime, no positive gees, and the launch had the same "first drop without a first drop" feeling as Hulk. The trains were pretty bad, but not as bad as I had feared, and I somehow managed to get my hands up, although it took a lot of work, and much inconvenience to the man sitting next to me! Sorry about that, if you're reading this.


Before that, though, was Primeval Whirl. This coaster is simply awful! The worst designed ride ever, in every possible way, and the spinning, well, let's not talk about the spinning! I'm not even sure if it qualifies for my definition of a coaster, which demands a rollercoaster-like experience, which this doesn't really provide. It was awful! I'm glad I got it over with early.

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Titan, last night at 9:00. It's been 2 years since I was at SFOT, and I'll never do it again, without "fast lane"...1 B:TR, 1 Superman, 1 Titan...6 hours in line! On Titan, for every 60 in the regular line, there were 30 in the fast lane. Saw the same guy ride B:TR twice while we were in line.

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Taxi Cab at PGA!!!!


Sounds like someone's going for the first ever "Elissa Alvey award for Outstanding Contribution to Credit Whoring!"


One thing really irks me about those kiddy coasters - do you really have to take a kid to get on those little things? I know some have weight and height limits, but having a requirement that means you have to take a kid with you?

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The last good coaster I rode was Comet at TGE over the weekend... in the coldcoldcold rain (and off and on snow)

After that I rode CB (it sucks) still in the rain and then my true last coaster was N@CC I had not been on it in over a year.. and with the rain an all.. I just went on it to get out of the rain..

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