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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Backseat!) on Saturday. Also got my first and last ride on Hurricane.


The Hurricane is an awful coaster.


I remember how crestfallen I was when it replaced the Schwarzkopf Jet Star in the early '90s.


Jet Star was one of the the first coasters I ever rode - along with Willard's Whizzer at Great America when it was Marriott's.


That same Jet Star is now rusting in a defunct amusement park in Oregon. Makes me sad to think about it.

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Yesterday, I rode Oziris (the Parc Astérix's new B&M Inverted).



Well ... It was a very smooth ride, very very good theming all over the place. It has a nice zero-G-roll, but ... I thought it would be more intense. In fact, I think you can consider it as a kiddie inverted coaster B&M, and not really as a very intense and awesome one. I'm a bit disappointed by this ride, but eh, I prefer old-school B&M, and that's all.

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Last coaster I rode was the Comet at Hershey park. It just wasn't the only last one of my trip there; the entire day I spent riding all 12 coasters(those of which were open that day and Skyrush still being worked on). I had Never been to the park before so my head was focused on getting the credits in and ride. BTW, Sky rush looks CRAZY so I really want to go back another time and get on that thing.

On to my pictures: I'll just post the two best ones from the Kissing Tower which I rode. If you want, play "spot the coasters" every one of Hershey's coasters are in these two photos; Enjoy.



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It wasn't my last, but I think my favorite one of the day had to be Stormrunner. Beforehand I had never been on a launch coaster with the top hat element. I did get a chance to ride "Speed: the Ride" on the Strip in Vegas, which is also a launch coaster but not a full circuit one. But this one was far better and much more powerful. Here's the best shot that I could get of it. BTW, I think Hershey had to be one of the best parks that I have been to that had great interaction with its coasters and the general public that could watch from below or near by. Great Bear and the superdelooper were perfect examples of this; I'll throw in one of those shots as well

here are the pics


Almost missed it. if i was just a little quicker


loved the layout of this coaster. I could stand by it all day...but that would be silly I WANT TO RIDE IT

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^ Seriously, you find Oziris awesome? I had the strange impression that I was riding a kiddie B&M. Not forceful, no positive G forces, nothing but very small airtimes ... Other than that, it is very well themed.

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