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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Love living in New Zealand - hate missing all the rides around the world but last coaster for me was California Screamin at DCA in April of this year. ALready planning a 12 park tour around America (with non park stops as well) next April / May).

Already on countdown mode.

Woop Woop!




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The last roller coaster that I rode was The Beast at Kings Island. I visited the park last night, and it was as good as ever. It has gotten pretty rough in the back seat, though. It's still a great ride!


The Beast is still running great after 32 years. (:

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Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point 2 years ago (Aug 11, 2009).


Rode it at night right before the park closed. Had to wait about 2 hours because they were having problems with the coaster. That coaster seems to always have breakdowns.


Waiting at the gate to get on while they fixed the ride. The train in front of the station one is empty so they can test the system.

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My last coaster was Looping Thunder at Oaks Amusement Park a few hours ago (and yes, I kind of like it, plus it didn't hurt as much this visit). I was reminded why this is decidedly not one of my favorite parks, even though it's quite fun.


My last coaster would've been a carny Wisdom Tiger Express, but I declined to ride. Unlike some people.

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