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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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I agree Steel Force is a great coaster, I think it's the 2nd best in the park right after Talon. The fact it rarely has a wait (along with the other coasters at Dorney) also doesn't hurt.


My last coaster was Nitro at Great Adventure on Wednesday

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Rollo Coaster at Idlewild Thursday with the kids in tow. It was my daughter's (4 years old) first coaster ride!!!! Not a big fan yet. It was also a return to my son's first coaster experience. He enjoyed it much more this time around!!!!


OMG post # 666 woohooo

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Hey Guys, just wanted to introduce myself, im brand new here!


I just got back from orlando and was at universal. I have always loved the hulk, especially the begininng and the new Harry Potter section is awesome!


Looking forward to contributing to this forum and connecting with you all!



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My last coaster was Sea Serpant at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park. Not bad for a kiddie coaster, but some of the rides there do make you think that they are death traps from a visual standpoint though.

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