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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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I was about to say Intimidator 305 - and then I remembered the credit whore stop I made on the way home... (dirty, dirty, dirty...)


The last coaster I rode was Jett Star at the Central Park Fun-Land in Fredericksburg, VA. A very small kiddie coaster. (And no, I didn't bother taking pictures.) The cycle lasted forever - I went around ten or eleven times, I actually lost count.


Two YMCA busses full of kids pulled into the Central Park Fun-Land parking lot ahead of me. I was in and out of the park before the first kid stepped off of either bus.

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Balder at Liseberg, Gothenburg last Thursday.

I had a meeting in Gothenburg that ended a bit earlier than expected, so I had one hour to spend before I needed to head for the airport. Decided to go for Balder...

I entered the park at 3.35 pm, headed for the guest relations office to get my wristband and made a quick stop at Lisebergsbanan for two rides before heading to Balder. Stopped at Kanonen, one ride, then on to Balder for two rides. Exited the gates at 4.40 pm, 1 h 5 minutes after coming there. Probably the most efficient visit to an amusement park ever.


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Turbo Mountain in Perth, Australia.


It's a customized Schwarzkopf Jet Star II.


The trains were altered to 2 people side by side in 3 rows. They used to be 2 people inline x 3 rows, similar to a log flume.

The cars were also self propelled by motors in each car driven up a circular lift hill, this was replaced with a more traditional straight chain lift hill making a very unique Jet Star II.




Turbo Mountain

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